In Marseille, teachers angry at the pension reform for the demonstration on December 5. - C. Delabroy / 20 Minutes

The mobilization against the pension reform continues on Tuesday with a new day of strikes, notably at the Ministry of Education. The rate of strikers is 4.35% in primary and 4.24% in secondary (colleges and high schools), the ministry said in a press release.

Last Thursday, the rate of strikers was 18.81% in primary and 16.49% in secondary, according to the Ministry of Education and, respectively, 40% and 50%, according to the unions.

Wage rises for 2021

For this new day Tuesday, Francette Popineau, secretary general of Snuipp-FSU, the first primary union, concedes that "the mobilization is weak but that was what was expected. There are no figures because for primary school teachers, telling parents the day before for the next day is not their habit, ”she said. On the other hand, she hoped that "there will be more strikers on Thursday because the anger remains intact, palpable and the teachers do not feel considered".

The profession remains at the center of the dispute against the pension reform in which teachers could be the big losers. Monday evening, the Ministry of Education took a first step towards the unions: it announced that it wished to devote 500 million euros to salary increases for teachers in 2021 as part of the pension reform.

“Still a lot of gray areas” for unions

This budget envelope was presented to the unions during the opening of negotiations on the subject, which must be staggered until Thursday and then resume at the end of January, to lead before the summer to a law for the programming of salary increases. The wage increases will begin in January 2021. The unions spoke of "progress" but maintained that "there are still many gray areas".

Up to now, progressive budget increases of around 400 to 500 million euros have been mentioned, with the objective of reaching 10 billion per year by 2037. It remains to be seen how these revaluations will take place. translate concretely for teachers: the increases will not be the same for teachers at the beginning or mid-career, for those born after 1975, therefore concerned by the pension reform, and the others.


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