Angèle is nominated in three categories at the Victoires de la Musique. - SIPA / SIPA

The voices of Angèle, Philippe Katerine and Alain Souchon resound among the nominations announced Monday for the 35th Victoires de la Musique, scheduled for February 14. The beautiful story therefore continues for Angèle, named in three categories - "female artist", "concert" and "audiovisual creation" for Balance ton quoi , feminist hymn illustrated by a clip in which Pierre Niney plays.

The young Belgian (24 years old) beat the pawn in 2019 to Johnny Hallyday by taking the lead in record sales in France, according to the classification of Snep (National Union of Phonographic Publishing). Adding up physical sales - CDs, vinyls, downloads and listening on platforms, his album Brol reached 532,111 sales in 2019.

Two nominations for Clara Luciani

For the clip, she will have a lot to face the rap duo PNL, whose video Au DD , shot on the Eiffel Tower, had an international echo. For the live, she has a good competitor with Jeanne Added, whose solo tour Both sides , bluffing, offers an original device with the audience installed in mirror on either side of the stage.

Angèle is ahead of a Clara Luciani nomination, who is living a great story after the late take-off of her first album, cited for "female artist" and "original song", with the title Nude .

Suzane, most scheduled artist of summer 2019

Among men, they are two to crush the nominations: Philippe Katerine, howling French song, and Alain Souchon, eternal dreamy dandy, present in three categories each: "male artist", "album" (respectively for Confessions and Ames fifties ) and "original song" ( Stone with you , for the first, Almost composed with actor Edouard Baer for the second). They are closely followed by Lomepal named in the categories "male artist" and "album" ( Jeanine ).

In the category “stage revelation” emerges Suzane, the most programmed artist for summer 2019 in festivals in France (32 dates). For "album revelation", there will undoubtedly be a beautiful duel between Malik Djoudi ( Temperaments ) and Apple ( Les failles ).

Dedicated ceremony

The previous edition had seen the coronation of Jeanne Added and Bigflo & Oli, with two trophies each ("female artist" and "rock album" for the first and "male artists" and "urban music album" for the two brothers) .

The 35th Victoires de la Musique, organized at the Seine Musicale and broadcast on Friday February 14 at 9:05 pm live on France 2 and France inter, were dusted, with in particular a reform of the ballot. The number of voters - professional or not - has thus increased from 600 to 900 members.

Disappearance of gender labels

And, small revolution, the Victories go from 13 to 8 rewarded categories. The labels of genres have disappeared - rock, electro, world, urban music and rap - source of confusion, misunderstanding and controversy in recent years. As a result, the categories "album" and "original song" go respectively from 3 and 4 nominees to 5 nominees each, "in order to exhibit as many artists as possible," according to the designers. All the nominated artists will perform their title live and direct during the ceremony.

Finally, the third round of voting is open to the general public, on the internet from January 13 to February 14, and concerns two new categories, in addition to the usual "original song": "concert" and "audiovisual creation".


"When the album came out, I was rewarded by people and I understood that I had my place," says Angèle.


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