The activities of the 25th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival offer an exceptional collection of street performances, presented by some of the world's brightest names, including a number of record holders in the Guinness Book of Records, just in downtown Dubai.

These daily shows take place over a period of 30 days, and include human sculptures, lightness shows, and artistic performances of live statues, which will make the Downtown Dubai Street Show festival the perfect choice to spend wonderful times with family and friends, enjoy unprecedented experiences, and share the best moments on communication sites Social.

As of January 19th, more than 200 artists from all over the world will present performances to suit all visitors. Among the most prominent activities of "living statues", visitors will have an appointment with the famous "The Golden Ferry" from Denmark, which scatters light on people's faces and brings joy to their hearts.

As for Statikman, he holds five world records, and he is one of the most famous living statue artists who will dazzle visitors with his ability to stay long. There are also "Ashe's duets" from Spain, who will be making an unorthodox display of human figurines, while "Mr. Muffin and Cherry" duo is making an interesting show in which they exchange faces in an amazing way.

Among the shows that will amaze the public is the show "He is as Red" for lightness games, which depend on the crystal ball, while "Steambank Lady" hides the watches in her own costume and uses them to steal time. As for "The Wendy Man", he is one of the funny characters who present a person who appears stuck in a time that does not move, while the human statue Aladdin is suspended in the air.

The festival includes the appearance of the popular Charlie Chaplin character, in addition to a show in which circus, theater, comedy and music are harmonious in the Spanish "Moranga" castle, "Chris Cross" show full of lightness shows, entertaining tricks and interesting art of disappearance, and "The Charming Jay" for classic lightness shows To the gentle jazz tunes.

Visitors can enjoy watching the wonderful Light Art DXB installation, which combines the elements of movement and light in great harmony, and will remain on display in the “Tower Park” square until February 13. The composition consists of a color-reflecting binoculars, to embody images of six vital statues whose features are highlighted by rotating the mirrors and coordinating them accurately with the lighting.

The events area can be easily reached with more than 2000 parking spaces in the "Boulevard", starting from the "Tower Plaza".

Local talent

You can explore the various distinctive offerings included in the event “Market Outside The Box”, with the participation of a selection of promising local, regional and global talents from bands, designers and food sellers, until February 1, 2020. Learn about unique products and collections from branding Local, new concepts of food, fashion, as well as live music performances by bands and DJs. A dedicated video games area will be prepared and equipped to receive 24 players, in addition to a dedicated area for children that will be filled with fun and interesting activities and activities.


A parking lot in the «Boulevard».


Artist from all over the world.