A toilet worker found beneath a window in a Moscow home found a beautiful Russian model, in a critical stage between life and death, after a mysterious accident.

Ksenia Pontus, 21, was in a third-floor apartment owned by one of her friends before the mysterious accident, according to the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

The newspaper added that the model, whose photos had previously appeared on the pages of popular magazines, suffers from head and chest injuries, as well as a fracture of the pelvis, ribs and legs.

The authorities opened a preliminary investigation into the accident after the worker, who was found by the police, informed him, as it was lying amongst the street plants, and in freezing cold, as the temperature reached about 5 degrees Celsius.

For her part, a friend close to Ksenia Pontus said that her friend was attending a party that evening, confirming that she did not use drugs.