At least 8 people were killed in a massive explosion that rocked a chemical factory in Bouisar district, Maharashtra state, in western India, on Saturday evening.

The India Today website said the accident occurred at the "Anc Pharma" factory, located in Kulwad Village, which is more than 100 km from Mumbai.

The explosion occurred during the testing of some chemicals at around 7 pm, while witnesses said that the explosion was so "massive" that it was heard 15 kilometers away.

The source stated that the windows of some houses, close to the vicinity of the accident, were shattered by the force of the explosion.

Local officials revealed that 8 people were killed, noting that a number of injured people had been removed from the rubble.

The "National Disaster Response" team was called in to carry out the rescue operations, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was monitoring the relief operation himself.