Famke Louise, who was discredited earlier this week because of a photo she posted on Instagram of herself at a fur market in China, has made a documentary about the fur industry with Videoland.

For the documentary Bont Girl , the 21-year-old Famke Louise Meijer, as the full name is, traveled to China with program maker Remco Garcia and animal activists to expose the animal suffering in the fur industry.

The launch of the FL by Famke clothing line was on the agenda on Thursday evening . With the now deleted photo on Instagram, she wrote that she was picking fur for that line. The photo sparked a lot of dust on social media. So now it appears that this was a strategic step to call attention to the documentary.

"I wanted to see it with my own eyes"

Meijer was elected Dom Bontje by animal protection organization Bont voor Dieren in 2018 by wearing fur in her clips and on photos on a regular basis. This title made her think.

"After I was proclaimed Dom Bontje, I wanted to see with my own eyes how things are going in the fur industry. At the time I had no idea about this. With this documentary I hope that other people also wake up and no longer wear fur "

To make the documentary, it was necessary to use a clothing line as a cover, the singer says. This gave them and the makers access to fur markets and farms in China.

Bont Girl is produced by Goya Productions and was created in collaboration with Bont voor Dieren. The documentary can now be seen on Videoland.