Jan Slagter was honored with the Media Oeuvre Award on Wednesday. The Omroep MAX boss received the prize from Joop van den Ende.

According to the jury report, Slagter is "the best known and most important broadcaster in the Netherlands".

"In these troubled times for the public order, he knows how to show growth with Omroep MAX in terms of membership, viewers and listeners," says the jury, which consists of members of the editorial team Spreekbuis.nl.

"The magazine MAX Magazine is not only the only broadcasting magazine that is still rising, but even the fastest growing magazine in the Netherlands."

The prize, which was awarded at the Omroep MAX office in Hilversum, was a surprise for Slagter. "Jan Slagter leaves no media performance unused to emphasize the importance of a multiform order. Broadcasting MAX is in fact the 'young-fast-and-wild broadcaster' of recent years," says jury member Richard Otto, publisher of Spreekbuis.nl .

The Media Oeuvre Award is presented annually to an active media professional who has a major influence on the Dutch media landscape in his or her career.

Slagter founded Omroep MAX in 2002 and in 2005 the first MAX program was broadcast, Van Nul naar MAX . Slagter was named Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau in 2015.


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