After the news that Zlatan Ibrahimovic bought himself into the Stockholm club Hammarby reached the public, the statue in Malmö representing the football star has been vandalized. This weekend the statue finally fell to the ground and was carried away by the municipality.

And this is not the first time that a statue is mad. The cultural news lists some other well-known Swedish examples.

The Swedish tongue-in-cheek, Marie-Louise Ekman

On the South Promenade in Malmö stands Marie-Louise Ekman's statue, the so-called "Bronze-Gösta", which is very similar to the artist's husband actor Gösta Ekman. The crying statue, 15 years before the Zlatan statue in Malmö, got its nose sucked. It was originally intended to stand in Limhamn but after protests (the statue was according to the Limhamns residents for the grief) it moved to central Malmö.

Bobo's Heart by Katarina Norling and The Swedish Tongue by Marie-Louise Ekman. Photo: Wikimedia commons

Bobo's heart, Catherine Norling

Katarina Norling's sculpture for the Agricultural University in Alnarp was inaugurated in 1996. The work was initially controversial and both students and teachers protested against the sculpture. Shortly before the inauguration, someone tried to carry away a ton of heavy piece, cast in remoiled aluminum, with a tractor.

Mate hunting, Marianne Lindberg De Geer

Artist Marianne Lindberg De Geer's rabbit sculpture Mate hunting, popularly called "Stampe", disappeared without a trace in 2008 from its location in the City Park in Borås. Someone had rolled the rabbit down a slope and threw it in the river Viskan where it was then found at three meters deep.

Also Lindberg De Geer's sculpture in Växjö I think of myself , depicting an underweight woman and an overweight, both with the artist's face, have been vandalized several times. They have been bent and sent for repair, got dressed and in 2006 the one woman was seen off along the ankles.

Statues by Nilla Fischer and Caroline Seger, Linköping and Helsingborg

Prior to the Soccer World Cup, statues were erected by four of Sweden's foremost football players in several locations in Sweden. Nilla Fischer and Caroline Seger were two of whose statues in Linköping and Helsingborg have been vandalized. This summer, the arm was cut on Seger's statue and Fischers was lifted off his pedestal and thrown into Stångån.

Karl XI, John Börjeson

A bronze statue depicting Karl XI has since 1897 been on the Stortorget in Karlskrona. In 2013, Karlskronaborna discovered that the king's sword was missing. Despite careful investigative work, it was never found. Instead, Karl XI had to settle for a newly made copy.