Yoon Jong-shin, a singer who is dedicated to creative activities while traveling abroad, is drawing attention by mentioning the recent controversy of 'music recordings'.

Yun posted a photo of the music site melon search window on his SNS today (7 days) and said, "Don't fight. Hey, the musicians are doing it ... every time they see the chart wrong. No Stats in Platform Platform, please pay attention to 'me'… ”.

He then added the hashtags "# Alien" and "#Ozi", saying, "If your chart is good, tell Chart Man."
The netizens who have encountered this "do not fight with each other. Find a better song than the chart ranking", "It's the answer", "Song sincerely, I reciprocate people who love the song, I make a song with all my heart. I hope it will be the first plate to make this chart. "," I support your remarks. "

In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 'Monthly Yoon Jong-shin' this year, Yoon stopped broadcasting in November last year and departed overseas to carry out the new project '2020 Monthly Yun Jong-shin-No stranger Project NOMAD PROJECT'.

(Photo = Yoon Jong Shin SNS)

(SBS substar)