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The Marvel Universe expands towards the conquest of audiobooks


One of the things that most attracts attention to those who are not familiar with the evolution of Marvel stories and their narrative development is the idea of ​​a shared universe

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One of the things that most attracts attention to those who are not familiar with the evolution of Marvel stories and their narrative development is the idea of ​​a shared universe . Since 1961, everything that happens in each one of the titles of the franchise also happens in the others, generating a uniform continuity of events, arguments and characters in which everything is interrelated.

Everything happens in the same global scenario, although the different advances of the many plots appear in different publications. The key is this: if an event occurs in the history of one of its characters, the reader must understand that it has also occurred in the stories of others, whether it affects them or not.

That network of interconnected situations is what is known as the Marvel Universe , which is growing and evolving from what is published in each of the different titles of the franchise. But to this we must add the existence of other parallel realities that shape a multiverse in which the main and secondary continuity coexist. And although among these universes there is no interconnection of plots, it is not uncommon for some character from one of those alternative worlds to take a walk through the others, further entangling this immense narrative fabric.

Let us now think that the different contributions to the evolution of the Marvel Universe come from different scriptwriters. And that this universe is developed in the comics , but also in the movies and television series . Well, if all this seems difficult to square, if it seems complicated to handle it with consistency, without noticeable mismatches, now one more element must be added: the audiobooks .

The Serial Box platform, specializing in the publication of digital books and audiobooks, has reached an agreement with Marvel to publish new stories of the franchise in audio format .

Marvel had already tried its luck in 2018 with a podcast about Wolverine , but this new tactical movement demonstrates that its next commercial objective is definitely the conquest of audio.

Cover of the first Marvel audiobook: 'Metal Gods' by Thor.

Throughout 2020, audiobooks will be published on some of his most beloved characters, such as Black Panther , Black Widow and Jessica Jones . But his first big bet has been Thor : since December 2019 and until next March a chapter (of a total of 15) of Metal Gods , an audiobook that narrates a new adventure of one of the most representative icons of the franchise.

Marvel's move is understandable, since one of the main intentions of this project is to attract people who until now didn't know it. It is an objective that was already achieved with the cinema, since thanks to the films it was possible to considerably expand the Marvel target and the loyalty of a new audience that had never been interested in comics was possible.

That's why audiobooks seem like a good idea from a strategic point of view. Because, after all, a story told in a loud voice is the easiest way to tell stories. And it allows those who listen to them to fill in the imagination the plot holes that can be found, each in its own way and at its speed. It is a format that not only favors the mental reconstruction of the most amazing scenes, surpassing even the visual capacity of cinema or comics.

It also facilitates access to a whole new world of plots and characters without the information overload with which a neophyte can be found in comics or movies.

However, there are those who doubt the success of this initiative, since if the Marvel Universe seems hardly comprehensible to those who barely know anything about it, the expansion that will occur with audiobooks further complicates matters.

Because, to begin with, the procedure for creating the different stories of Serial Box follows its own direction; no arguments already used are repeated. It is Marvel who designs the narrative foundations of each audiobook and offers guidelines on the plot, but it is a team of Serial Box writers who is responsible for writing the stories . Listening to Thor's audiobook does not have to arouse curiosity about earlier stages of the Marvel Universe. Which leads to the following problem: Why should someone who knows nothing about Thor or Jessica Jones be interested in an audiobook about Thor or about Jessica Jones? That the first step to get into the Marvel Universe and its comics is to go to the cinema to watch a movie about Thor seems easier than downloading an audiobook about something that is ignored.

But who knows. Maybe it all comes down to a question of what names are used as a claim. When the audiobooks about Spiderman , Hulk , Captain America , Iron Man , the X-Men or the fantastic 4 s begin to be published, a legion of new Marvel fans may appear out of nowhere. As always, it's time to wait.

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