Held for the first time at the weekend, on the eve of the holiday of Reyes, almost as a shameful cover in a gesture of claudication before ERC , the investiture debate is being held that, predictably, will end Pedro Sánchez as president on Tuesday and with a Pablo Iglesias as number two who, yesterday, recovered his most biliary tone to begin to face his "enemies" : judges, media, economic powers ... It seems that his legendary warning begins to become a reality when he flirted with We can assault the skies: "Fear will change sides."

Spain will once again have the Government after more than a year and a half of a paralysis that began on the same day that the Frankenstein motion cleared Rajoy . But this does not mean, for the first time in our democratic stage, that governance is guaranteed, before the contrary, they do not dissipate but that the institutional crisis we suffer and the risk of bankruptcy of our constitutional order are greatly aggravated. Paraphrasing freely the famous appointment of Julián Marías , there will be Government, but it will not have been worth it. Today the Spaniards have no more reason to trust the immediate future of this country.

Especially because, after what was heard yesterday in the Congress from the mouth of the one who will occupy the vice presidency of the Government, the Frentismo returns to settle in the public debate and the radical left is determined to stir fear speeches and press with a street activism to replace formal institutional mechanisms. Pablo Iglesias warned him that, at the same time that he pulled "exiled politicians" and those who are serving sentences for serious crimes such as sedition - in reference to Junqueras and other independence leaders who are now going to be glorified from it Moncloa-, had no empathy in calling out "enemies" judges, media and "economic powers." In reality, the one that has become the enemy of the new partners of the first coalition Government is the Constitution itself and the legal-institutional framework that emanates from it.

The PSOE has unfortunately abdicated its core role in the system happily illuminated in 1978 and mutated to an irresponsible populism that leaves the constitutionalist flag weakened when its defense is most necessary so that ours remains a nation of citizens united by equality. The intervention, in that sense, of the popular leader, Pablo Casado , was especially accurate. Sanchez is the most responsible for this move from the heart of constitutionalism to unusual anti-system margins as an unscrupulous strategy to stay in power. But he is not solely responsible. History will judge the cowardly silence of so many socialists who are determined to crash with their Ulysses against the rocks . What colors was taken by a brave Ana Oramas who, consistent with her principles, will vote not to "kneel before independence" and an "offense" to all the autonomous communities. He also unmasked in a vibrant intervention Inés Arrimadas , of Cs, to the Socialists by putting them in front of the mirror of the contradiction that represents trying to sell as "progressive" a pact with the most reactionary ethnicist nationalists . The still acting president knows that he humiliates all Spaniards when he comes to inadmissible pacts with parties such as ERC or Bildu; when it gives a populist blow in economic matters to satisfy Podemos, and when it discredits State institutions because these are the only democratic brake on those who intend to rise above the Law that forces us all as much as it protects us. Disqualifications against the Central Electoral Board and the frivolity of labeling "legal tricks" the mechanisms of the rule of law were intolerable .

The debate began with a neat speech by the candidate, which was a sterile attempt at escapism . Almost two hours to repeat many promises so many times heard as broken by their predecessors and abuse of blows in the best sectarian tradition of polarization as was the announcement of expropriation of Pazo de Meirás. And all to tiptoe over the key issue that required an unequivocal explanation: what is the pact with ERC . It is a democratic anomaly and a shame that the Socialists continue to skimp on what they will grant to the independentists in a bilateral transaction, as if they were governments of two states.

National sovereignty cannot be quartered, but Sanchez is determined to denaturalize a nation of more than five centuries that is neither "debatable and discussed" nor a mere sum of "national identities . " For now, we are going to empty the Constitution itself to achieve an impossible goal: to quench the voracity of the independence. Quim Torra , installed in contempt, made it clear yesterday in the Parliament: the secessionist roadmap is not touched . In parallel, Rufián , in Congress, warned that ERC does not conform except with "independence." With the chulería of who knows that he will have the Government - and all Spaniards - as a hostage, he warned that without an immediate bilateral table to address self-determination, "there will be no legislature . " Sanchez and his family, in their seats, were not immuted to blackmail. It must already be the effect of insomnia.

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