The editor's representative of the WDR expresses criticism of the director Tom Buhrow in an internal letter. "We are extremely irritated by this glaring violation of internal freedom of broadcasting and the poor management of the crisis, which damages colleagues and damages the reputation of WDR," quotes the online magazine . "We are - as many of you are sure - stunned," it continues.

"Of course not about a satire that may be a matter of taste; no, we are stunned that the program director of WDR2 has a video deleted with a satirical children's song, and above all that director Tom Buhrow is so easy for a shitstorm apparently orchestrated by right-wing extremists yields, hastily dissociates himself editorially and not only apologizes personally, but also repeatedly stabbed editors publicly (including live at WDR2) in the back, instead of staging them in times of staged outrage against the WDR and the ÖRR [public service broadcasting] Strengthen your back. " This violated internal freedom of broadcasting.

A WDR spokeswoman confirmed that there would be an editor's meeting on Tuesday. The editor's representative was more than welcome. Buhrow will take part in the event.

The station's children's choir had recorded a song for a satirical video. He sang the line "My grandma is an old environmental pig" on the melody of my grandma riding a motorcycle in the chicken coop. The phrase "environmental sow" brought the broadcaster on social media and beyond, fierce criticism, it was on Twitter and Facebook in many self-reinforcing discussions about respect for old age, Nazi allegations against grandparents or about the tasks of public service broadcasting against which the AfD in particular mobilizes. In front of the WDR buildings in Cologne, demonstrators gathered, including police officers, who recognized them as politically right-wing.

Buhrow had defended his actions against the "environmental pig" video several times, most recently in the mirror . The "environmental sow" satire failed, said Buhrow. "In this case, in a family program, a video that was not directly recognizable as satire put a whole group in the context of pollution. And that simply made many senior citizens feel injured." He rejected the accusation of having collapsed in front of right-wing circles.