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Season films in Egypt marathon kicks off with "Tamer Hosni" "Filos"


With open budgets, many Egyptian stars seek to compete with their works in cinemas, during this season that started with New Year celebrations, and continues until the mid-year vacation in Egypt. The winter season with great productivity openness, and revenues that

With open budgets, many Egyptian stars seek to compete with their works in cinemas, during this season that started with New Year celebrations, and continues until the mid-year vacation in Egypt.

The winter season, with the great productive openness and the revenues generated by the cinema, became an important season, although it was previously weak, as it was offering low-cost business, and without first-line stars, but there seems to be a big change and bets on revenues, far away For festive occasions and summer season.

Among the most prominent stars who compete with huge budgets in the race for the winter season: Tamer Hosni, Mohamed Adel Imam and Aser Yassin.


Tamer Hosni opened the season of New Year's films and half-year vacation with his new movie "Al-Flus" with the artists Zeina, Khaled Al-Sawy, Aisha bin Ahmed and Muhammad Salam, and participated as guests of honor each of Ahmed El-Sakka, May Ezz El-Din and Ali Rabie. The film is directed by Saeed Al-Marouk.

The artist Mohamed Imam is competing with the movie "Thief of Baghdad", which will be shown in theaters on January 15th. And the film, which was directed by Ahmed Khaled Musa, starring Yasmine Rais, Amina Khalil, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Salah Abdullah, Ahmed Rizk, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, and Ahmed Al-Awadi. Business events revolve around a group of friends searching for a lost treasure.

Rania Youssef, Basem Samra, Amr Abed and Salwa Khattab are participating in the competition, “The Brain of Demon”, as the producing company decided to release it at the beginning of 2020. The film, written by Amr Al-Dali and directed by Karim Ismail, revolves around the period that followed the January 25 revolution.

Strongly, during this cinematic season, the young artist Karim Fahmy will be present with his new movie “Dido”, produced by Ahmed El-Sobky. And the work was put on display at the beginning of the new year A number of comedy stars, including: Hamdi Al-Marghani, Bayoumi Fouad, Hisham Majed, Shekou, and Hoda Al-Mufti, will participate in the movie, written by Karim Fahmy and directed by Amr Salah. Hamada Hilal and Ahmed Fahmy will appear as guests of honor.

The events of "Dido" revolve around a young man who, along with his friends, decides to steal a rich scientist but controls them during the theft, and he conducts an imaginative scientific experiment on them and turns them into the size of the finger's mind.

Team championship

The artist Asir Yassin returns to the cinematic competition, and he participates in the winter season films marathon and his half-year vacation with the movie "The Owner of the Maqam", which will be shown on January 20.

The film stars Yousra, Reham Abdel Ghafour, Amina Khalil and Bayoumi Fouad. The film is about a story written by Ibrahim Issa and directed by Muhammad Al-Adl.

With a group youth championship, producer Ahmed Al-Sobky will compete with the movie "Secondary Girls", which will be shown in theaters on January 7th. A large group of young actors, including Jamila Awad, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, May Al-Ghaiti, Hoda Al-Mufti, Mayan Al-Sayed, Hanadi Muhanna, and the film, written by Ayman Salama, and directed by Mahmoud Kamel, will participate in the action championship.

Discussions are still ongoing regarding the screening of the movie star Ahmed El Sakka, "The Spider", during the winter season on the mid-year vacation in the middle of this month. The issue was not resolved, especially since the film's production cost carries a great risk, because it exceeded 80 million pounds, and there are fears that the winter season cannot cover it with certainty because it is not a guaranteed season, as some believe.

The movie includes the star Mona Zaki, and the artist Dhafer El Abidin in his second cinematic experiences in Egypt after the movie “Abu Shanab” with the artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz.


Also on January 7, in the Winter Race in Egypt, "Chawing" by Bayoumi Fouad, Salah Abdullah, Nashwa Mustafa, Sami Maghawry and Ahmed Halawa will also be shown.

The work was written by Ashraf Hosni and directed by Shadi Abu Shadi.


The film will feature "Maqam Al Maqam", starring Aser Yassin and Yousra, and the story of Ibrahim Issa.

Source: emara

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