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How to fight the hangover


You had a good time last night, huh? Alcohol, laughs ... But now you want to die. Don't worry, we are here to help you with a few tips that will improve your headache

  • How to remove the hangover

You had a good time last night, huh? Alcohol, laughs ... But now you want to die. Don't worry, we are here to help you with a few tips that will improve your headache, stomach ache and, if you can, conscience.

Although it should be remembered that the minimum amount of alcohol recommended is always zero , the first thing to clarify is that the intensity of the hangover is not related to how much you have drunk, but to the way in which the alcohol is metabolized.


1. Eat: Red meat has a high percentage of amino acids and B vitamins that help process the harmful by-products that alcohol contains. It also helps a meal rich in carbohydrates since alcohol is hypoglycemic.

2. Sleep Most of us do not get enough sleep during the week and that does not directly affect the hangover, but it does influence the natural defenses of your body .


1. Drink water. Alcohol makes your brain and body demand sugar and become dehydrated and, therefore, your head hurts so much and your stomach looks resentful. Therefore, it is highly recommended to drink water or isotonic drinks between a glass and a glass (beer is not!) To replenish ions.

2. No smoking: Mixing alcohol with tobacco intensifies headaches and stomachaches.

3. Choose the drink well. White alcohols (such as gin, vodka or white wine) are less aggressive to the stomach, because in their fermentation less toxins and impurities are created than in the dark ones (rum or whiskey). Beware of champagne because it speeds up the alcohol absorption process and 'goes up' much faster.

4. Juices instead of soft drinks for the combined. Its extra vitamins come very well to the intestinal flora and will make the hangovers more bearable.


Drink a glass of water (no more) so as not to have to get up to the bathroom because what we are going to need the most is sleep.


First of all, try to avoid coffee that can be very harmful for a very damaged stomach from the previous night. Caffeine also aggravates the state of dehydration and makes rest difficult .

Drinking water! Dehydration is the cause of the headache and the sensation of thirst that invades us in this state. You have to replace the liquids lost by alcohol intake. Of course, in moderation because it is not appropriate to believe that urinating improves the hangover by favoring the 'evacuation' of alcohol, because it is eliminated at a speed of seven grams per hour and it is impossible to accelerate the pace .

The main consequence of the kidney eliminating so much water is an extreme sensation of thirst . In addition, the lack of water in the body causes the membranes that line the brain (the meninges) to lose fluid. Then, the blood vessels, to try to get our body to recover its balance and bring more fluid to the brain, dilate, producing those terrible headaches.

What do we do with the food? The ideal is to ingest dairy, pasta, rice, eggs, cereals, vegetables and fruits (rich in fructose that will help us recover blood glucose levels, and water, which will serve to alleviate the effects of alcohol dehydration, in addition to providing vitamins and antioxidants).

It is essential to sleep . Alcohol makes you fall asleep faster but also that sleep cycles are not normal. Therefore, in these circumstances more than ever, it is important to choose a quiet place to sleep, with the least possible noise and with good temperature.

Fighting the hangover with more alcohol is a bad idea . In this way, what is achieved is to alleviate the hangover by prolonging drunkenness but, sooner or later, the headache will reappear.

Another myth is that vitamin B6 pills taken, before or after drinking, prevent hangovers. However, the only use of this vitamin is its application intramuscularly in severe cases to combat (not eliminate) the side effects of alcohol poisoning.


Ethyl poisoning has negative physiological consequences for a period of almost 24 hours . In addition to the deterioration of cognitive function, there is a decrease in neuromuscular function (less strength, less coordination,); increased use of carbohydrates (more acidosis); a higher heart rate and a state of dehydration.

You should also keep in mind that the likelihood of suffering a muscle injury increases due to acidosis linked to the production of lactic acid proper to the exercise and the significant metabolic alteration in glucose caused by the hangover.

So the best thing to do in this case, no matter how athletic you are, is to rest, hydrate well and eat healthy and balanced .

Will a 'saunite' help us eliminate toxins? Nothing of that! It is totally contraindicated for a very simple reason: we are going to make dehydration worse and what is needed after a hangover is the opposite.

Moral: the best against hangover is ... don't drink!

María Amaro is a nutrition expert at Feel Good Clinic (Madrid).

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