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Spread of cashless payments


This means that cashless payments that do not use cash, such as “XX Pay”, have rapidly spread, but due to this effect, things that are usually carried around…

Cashless settlement spread Changes to wallets and New Year's bills, etc. December 26 16:45

This means that cashless payments that do not use cash, such as "XX Pay", have rapidly spread, but due to this effect, signs of change are also appearing in things that are usually carried around and "something" that is customary in the New Year. You.

A long-established leather wallet manufacturer founded in Taito-ku, Tokyo for 120 years, has commercialized key cases with coin purses and thin wallets that hold bills.

Although many people buy traditional long wallets and bi-fold wallets, the need for “small wallets” has increased.

Manufacturers believe that the background is the spread of cashless payments and the elimination of carrying large amounts of cash.

Leather wallet maker Yamafuji Yamamoto said, "I want to change my wallet with the trend of cashless era."

With the spread of cashless payments, there are signs of change in living.

Mihoko Matsumoto, a company employee, served as secretary of the year-end party and used smartphone settlement.

It is said that due to the payment of the membership fee, no change was required, and it was easy to collect in advance and to know the number of people.

Now, Mr. Matsumoto plans to charge 2,000 yen to the IC card for commuting to make the year-end ball for the daughter of the 4th grade elementary school student cashless.

Matsumoto says, “I want to change the new year's bill so that the IC card has the same feeling as cash. It is easy to grasp what the child has used because the usage history remains, and learn how to spend money with parents and children I want to trigger it. "

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