One of the year's most awaited holidays is over. For SVT's Christmas hosts, it is often a day of dreaded delight, where the pressure to be the one who wishes the Swedish people Merry Christmas is great.

During the program Marianne Mörck took the opportunity to pay tribute to Arne Weise and Bengt Feldreich - two of SVT's most popular profiles that many viewers associate with Christmas Eve and both passed away in 2019. Arne Weise's son Andreas Weise performed the song "A Christmas Song ”And Marianne shared her Christmas traditions as a child.

- It's been fantastic. Then others can say what I as a Christmas host, is enough, she told SVT after yesterday's broadcast.

And this is how SVT's viewers pay tribute to her efforts:

Great Christmas host. You were amazing, warm and loving. Hope you will come again next year, ”writes a follower on SVT Nyheter's Facebook page.

Best Christmas values ​​since Arne Weise! "Writes another.

A wonderful Christmas host. And thank you for bringing Andreas Weise with you ”.

Absolutely amazing man so funny and then she offers herself. This woman is God-blessed, I have found that the aunt has contact with all the secrets of the earth. "

" Marianne! The Finest, Coziest, Friendliest Christmas Host! Thanks! You are the best! "

She also seems to have deceived the viewers with her "light cup":

What a funny idea. Acknowledge that I was a little thoughtful about the situation - but it turned out so good! "

"I got a little thoughtful and had to think 'yeah, new times' before I made the prank".

"It was fun, I thought like everyone, huh! electric lights close off ”.

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This is not true according to the traditions. Photo: SVT