The popular violinist Janine Jansen has recently stopped wearing high heels during performances. In conversation with Trouw , the artist says that she plays more stable because of this.

"I used to stand on 10-centimeter high heels. Always, at every concert. Nowadays I stand flat on the floor. Grounded, I stand here, that feeling. I absolutely believe that I now play differently, I experience things in the moment. "

The 41-year-old Jansen got a burn-out in 2010 and has considerably reduced the number of gigs per year: "I was not concerned with who I was, I concentrated on playing and thought I could handle everything. The Janine who just I didn't know what to do when I had to do my shopping. The strange thing is: although I play fewer concerts than before, the concert practice feels just as intense. "

According to Jansen, on the one hand that has to do with her age, but on the other hand it is because she is raising the bar for herself. "There is no other option than to continue searching. Failure on stage is not an option."

"I hope I'm nicer"

Jansen was looking for calm for a long time, she says in conversation with the newspaper. Although she has found it now, her life sometimes seems a bit more boring.

"Rest and space help, but sometimes they are less exciting. Then I tell myself that this way of life is healthier. I hope I am more fun, because I am more present for the people around me."