A picture of a fishing boat taken by the Russian authorities 11:11 on December 18 with the ship's registration number and name

NHK independently obtains a picture from the Russian residents of Kunigo Island that can confirm the registration number and name of at least three of the five Japanese fishing boats taken to Kunigo Island by the Russian border guard station on the 17th. Did.

Of these, the Japanese fishing boats anchored off the port of Kamago Island on the old Kamabu port show that the Hinomaru is fluttering at the stern, and the maneuvering room is orange and is a safe operation vessel. Shows.
In the background, there is a ship that is considered to be a patrol boat of the Russian border guard station.

On the other hand, in the photo of the fishing boat berthed at the old quay, you can see the ship's registration number and ship name, as well as a figure of a person who appears to be in charge of the Russian border guard.