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“Cause of boss power harassment”


In August, a new employee who worked for a major electronics manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric's office in Hyogo, committed suicide, and his boss sent documents, and the bereaved family ...

“Due to the power harassment of the boss” Mitsubishi Electric's new employee commits suicide Workplace accident application December 18 16:00

In August, a new employee who worked for a major electronics manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric's office in Hyogo Prefecture committed suicide, and his boss sent documents, and the survivor's agent attorney held a conference, and his boss's power harassment. In addition to applying for occupational accidents for the cause of overwork suicide caused by the cause, the company clarified its intention to ask the company to prevent recurrence.

In August, a 20-year-old man who was assigned to a Mitsubishi Electric office in Amagasaki City committed suicide with a note to the effect of bullying by his boss, and the police last month educated a new employee. I am sending a document to a male boss in my 30s who was in charge of suspicion of suicide.

On the 18th, a survivor's representative lawyer held a conference in Tokyo and published a handwritten note that he wrote down the man just before his death.

The memo says that the boss said, “There is just the right window to jump off,” “Suicide,” and so on. The agent lawyer was responsible for the power harassment from the boss that the man committed suicide. In the future, in addition to applying for industrial accidents, the company has clarified its intention to seek prevention from recurrence.

He also read the comment of the bereaved family, “We are still in pain because we cannot accept the death of our son in reality. "I hope that it will never happen again."

The agent lawyer says, “There is no apology or detailed explanation from the company to the bereaved family. The same thing has happened in the past, so I want you to work on preventing recurrence this time.”

In the case of Mitsubishi Electric, a man of a new employee commits suicide in Ototoshi Hyogo Prefecture, and his parents sued the company for damages due to bullying and harassment. In October, occupational accidents were recognized as suicide due to overwork.

The bereaved comment “The chest seems to tear”

In the comment given by the bereaved family, regarding the personality of the deceased man, "Son was a child who could make a hard effort without pulling out or running away," “I want to treat my family for the first time,” he told me, “I went to the university.” “Thank you for that,” he said, “I was a kind son who could care for my friends as well as my family.”

On the other hand, regarding the record about the remarks from the boss, etc., “What is it to throw a word such as“ Kill kill me ”or“ Suicide ”to a newcomer who has been in the company for several months and less than two months after being assigned? I don't know what is technical.
But when I look at my son's work notes and a lot of notes, I have a lot of thoughts and my heart is going to tear up. "

Also, in the past, there was bullying and harassment at the company, and as for the response from the company side, as far as looking at the response so far, the color of reflection is not seen, I feel that I am putting all my efforts into self-protection. I'm not worried that a similar case is going to happen, and I think my son wants it to never happen again. "

Mitsubishi Electric "Heavily accepts and responds to authenticity"

Mitsubishi Electric said that the new employee's man committed suicide, “I deeply pray for the souls of those who have died, and sincerely condolence the deceased. The authorities are investigating and we will refrain from responding in detail, and we will fully cooperate with the investigation. I commented.

Source: nhk

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