Comedian Jandino Asporaat will be touring next year with a new farce around his popular character Judeska. Judeska Airlines: Belts fixed, because you are going to fly! can be seen from February 2020 in theaters throughout the Netherlands.

The show is a follow-up to the show Judeska in the TBS clinic . Asporate plays Judeska again, one of his popular characters. She is fired and gets one last chance from the employment agency to prove herself: she is allowed to work as a stewardess.

In July of this year, the 38-year-old Asporaat announced a pause for theater and TV. He wanted more time for himself. "I sometimes find it difficult to make myself just as important in the entertainment world, where I want to do everything for my audience. I have to learn to say more often: now it's time for Dino and just Dino, without feeling guilty "

Asporaat is known for, among other things, De Dino Show , a sketch program in which the fast food restaurant FC Kip often played a role.