Jochem van Gelder, who was forced to leave Talpa in the spring of 2017, says that his participation in Wie is de Mol was the reason for his resignation. The presenter, who now works as a freelancer, says that John de Mol thought it was strange that Van Gelder did not want to go abroad for a Talpa show, but did go to America for the popular AVROTROS program.

In conversation with the AD , 56-year-old Van Gelder says that he has refused three times to make a program for Talpa, because he thought they did not suit him.

"The second time I was summoned to his office, I had to explain. He said that if I didn't, it was out of fear. And" if he was allergic to anything, it was fear. "But I wanted to make it clear to him. that it was only fear if I would do anything with him for the sake of a good relationship. "

One of those programs was the Reunited show , for which Van Gelder would have to go abroad for a longer period of time. The presenter did not want that, because he had done that before. A little later it became known that Van Gelder was one of the participants in the new season of Wie is de Mol and he was called by Talpa.

"With us you refuse and now you are going to do this in America?", Van Gelder was told. "My goal was to keep it up for a week. But that never happened because everything was going well and before I knew it I was in the final."

Van Gelder eventually became a losing finalist and was away from home for 3.5 weeks, which according to him was 'the straw' for De Mol. " WidM was the reason that I was fired by De Mol."

Van Gelder, who has been working on television for more than 30 years and has made programs such as Bonje met de Buren and Praatjesmakers, works as a freelancer for several broadcasters. "I support the programs that I make. That helps me to move forward."