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Difficulties of choice and dissatisfied Shnurov: results of the stage of “knockouts” on the show “Voice”


On Friday, December 13, on the air of Channel One they showed the final stage of the “knockouts” stage of the vocal show “Voice”. The speeches were held on the same principle as during the first “knockouts”, but this time three mentors took advantage of the option to save the wards of colleagues. Read more about what kind of permutations took place in the teams of Konstantin Meladze, Polina Gagarina, Sergey Shnurov and Valery Syutkin - in the material RT.

On December 13, the “Knockouts” stage, begun last week, ended on the Voice show. By the time the new release of the vocal competition began, the three jury members had not yet used the option to save one vocalist from the team of any of their colleagues.

“As they say at a cement plant: the batch will be tough,” Dmitry Nagiev described the new production.

“Knockouts” began the team of Sergei Shnurov. The second three included Yves Nabiev, Anton Tokarev and Ildar Abdullin, who spoke first. He performed the fiery hit Bamboleo by Gipsy Kings, also known in the interpretation of Julio Iglesias.

After Abdullin, Anton Tokarev appeared on the stage, to which Shnurov decided to accompany. Tokarev sang a rock cover on the song "The Seventh Petal" of the group Hi-Fi.

Then, Yves Nabiev performed, performing one of the fresh compositions of the Rammstein group - Ausländer. The song came out as a single from the 2019 metallers album and hit the top lines of the music charts in Germany, Sweden and Belgium.

After the speech of all the participants, the word was transferred to the mentor of the three.

“The guys are great. In a fairly short time they did what they did. I am very pleased with the result. The guys today demonstrated the literally impossible, ”commented the participants’ remarks on Shnurov, thanking everyone. He decided that Anton Tokarev would continue to participate in the project.

At this moment, Polina Gagarina decided to use her right to “save” her ward. She left Iva Nabieva in the project.

Then the baton was intercepted by the team of Konstantin Meladze. The three participants included Svetlana Mamresheva, Natalya Sidortsova and Asker Berbekov. Sidortsova was the first to enter the scene. She performed the composition of Dana Sokolova's "Mindfall" of 2017.

“Knockouts” in the team of Meladze were continued by Svetlana Mamresheva, who sang the song “Wonderful Country” of the group “Bravo”, widely known due to the peculiar vocal manner of the singer Zhanna Aguzarova.

After her, Berbekov entered the scene. He performed a cover of the song Alessandro Safina Luna. The single gained wide popularity after it entered the sound list of the series “Clone”.

“If it was possible to save people from my team, then, of course, I would save from mine,” commented Meladze on the performance of the three. Nevertheless, Meladze, like other mentors, had to choose one ward, and the producer left Asker Berbekov in the project.

This time, Sergey Shnurov threw the “lifeline” to the participant: he took Svetlana Mamresheva to his team.

Following on stage came wards Polina Gagarina - Lilia Veltman, Canadian Andrew Grunge and Alan Chochiev. The first was Veltman, who performed a medley of songs from the Soldiers of Love songs by A'Studio and Bang Bang Jesse Jay, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

Grunge sang a cover of David Goett's hit 2011 hit without You, in which American singer Asher performed the vocal part.

She completed the “knockouts” in the team of Gagarina Alan Chochiev with the song “Against a Blizzard” by Kristina Orbakaite. The music for the composition was written by Konstantin Meladze. The single, performed by Orbakaite in a duet with Alla Pugacheva, entered the soundtrack to the film “The Irony of Fate. Continuation ".

Sergei Shnurov, by the way, expressed dissatisfaction with the choice of such a song: he asked why Gagarina had given the 17-year-old girl to perform the song, "which involves some kind of life experience."

Konstantin Meladze stood up to protect Gagarina and Chochieva: “This is the rare case when I liked my song, in fact, in your performance.”

“Alana does not appear with a sign:“ I am 17 years old, ”retorted the attack of Shnurov and Gagarin, deciding that it was Chochiev who would remain with her in the project. However, here they again used the function of saving other people's wards: Valery Syutkin decided to give a second chance to Lily Veltman.

The team knocked out the Syutkin team, which included Tatyana Gaivoronskaya, Anastasia Yust and Elimdar Seydosmanov.

Gayvoronskaya sang a cover version with beatbox elements on the retro hit "The Best City of the Earth", known by Muslim Magomayev.

Then Anastasia Yust came on the scene. In her performance sounded the composition of Natalia Vetlitskaya "Look in the Eye." The last was Elimdar Seydosmanov, who sang Alexander Serov’s song “You Love Me”. His mentor decided to leave the show.

“For the participants, this was the last opportunity to grab a thin thread and skip on, and the mentors had the last chance to catch on their team those whom they laid their eyes on during blind auditions,” summed up Nagiyev.

According to the results of the “Knockouts” stage, three people remained in the team of each of the mentors.

Source: russiart

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