There are simultaneous and intense deformation campaigns, and fierce conspiracies, woven against the UAE and its symbols, which are not the first of its kind, clear and well-known who stands behind and manages them, and it is clear and known also the causes and timing, and the goals that they seek to consecrate, multiple forms, methods and executive tools, but its outcome will inevitably be one , Just as the results of previous campaigns were, its fate is the absolute failure, and nothing else, in damaging the Emirates, as it is bigger and greater than all their sordid campaigns and methods!

They have their malicious tools, we do not deny that, and they have countless electronic means, sites and flies, why not, they pay billions of dollars to buy improper receivables and voices and mercenaries of pens, all with the aim of hitting the UAE and harming it in various ways, however, these billions wasted will not change the reality Even if they multiply it, it will not harm a country whose reputation and policy are based on firm principles and morals, and the world knows it from its noble human and charitable positions on the ground, not through blessings, lies, forgery, and twisted and hateful methods!

These fierce campaigns will harm us, our economy, and discredit our external reputation, there are those who believe this, but let us confirm that this effect will only reach those who want to believe that from the haters, haters, envy and owners of agendas, who shamed, curtailed and eliminated them from the Emirates, these and their like, They hate us for and without reason, with or without campaigns, they have the ability to believe because they are part of the hatred system, and with the exception of these, their frenzied campaigns will never benefit them, they are nothing but scattered dust blown away by the wind, but increase our balance as a successful model, which everyone who possesses Corn of mind as one of the most successful and best Arab and regional models It is universal, without exaggeration ..

Responding to these campaigns with counter campaigns is not a solution in most cases, but realistic responses in the field are the ones that hurt the most, and any new success achieved by the Emirates expects with him a new campaign, which means that the scream is always the same as the pain, and the pain from the UAE’s superiority and success is the most and most Pain ..

Our march towards prosperity, luxury and decent living, and building the future of future generations, continues without stopping, and our confidence in our leadership and our government is high and has no ceiling, and the more the tone of hatred against us increases, the Emirati people increase their love, loyalty, and confidence in their leadership and government, and the UAE's achievements are difficult for theorists and failures, and “our team is one And our spirit is one, and our future is promising, God willing.

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