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"Many years of sexual abuse from father, mentally unable to resist" doctor testimony


In Aichi Prefecture, he was charged with sexually assaulting his real daughter and was acquitted in 1st trial as “it was not recognized that his daughter was in a state of extreme resistance”.

"Many sexual abuse from father for many years I can't resist mentally" doctor testified on December 13 at 22:13

In Aichi Prefecture, the trial of the second trial of the father who was acquitted for being charged with sexually assaulting his real daughter and was acquitted in the first trial as "the daughter was not in a state of extreme resistance" was held It was. A doctor who re-examined her daughter's mental condition was called as a witness on the prosecution and said, “For many years, she was sexually abused by her father and could not resist mentally.”

This trial was charged with the crime that the father had sexually assaulted his 19-year-old daughter in Aichi Prefecture, and the Okazaki branch of the Nagoya District Court in the first instance admitted that his daughter did not agree. On the other hand, he was acquitted for not satisfying the guilty requirement of "the other party was in a state where he could not resist".

At the trial held at the Nagoya High Court in the second trial on the 13th, the prosecutor appealed, and after a judgment of the first trial, a doctor who again identified the daughter's mental condition was called as the witness on the prosecution side.

The doctor said, “Daughters have been sexually abused for many years since they were junior high school students, so they felt helpless to resist. The sexual abuse between parents and children has the characteristic that“ the child cannot escape. ” Was unable to resist mentally. "

On the other hand, the defense side asked doctors about the method of appraisal.

The trial is expected to finish all trials next month.

Source: nhk

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