Nobel Prize Akira Yoshino “Two meanings for the weight of the medal” December 12, 21:44

Akira Yoshino, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, visited the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden, and received the medal he had deposited after the award ceremony.

Mr. Yoshino was handed me a medal and a certificate from King Gustav of Sweden at the award ceremony held on the 11th of Japan time.

The medal was deposited with the Nobel Foundation after the award ceremony, but after 7:30 pm on Japan time, Yoshino visited the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm and received the medal again.

Mr. Yoshino showed the medal in a special case to the press. “The medal is heavy. This weight has two meanings, and many people have worked hard so far. It ’s the responsibility of having to answer. ”

Mr. Yoshino plans to visit a local company and return to Japan on the 15th of Japan time.