SBS will broadcast the match against AIdol, the retirement race for Lee Se-dol's 9th Dan.

Hosted by SBS, K Go and NHN, and sponsored by Body Friend, Body Friend Brain Massaging Lee Sedol vs Handol will be played in three countries. On the 18th and 19th Thursday, two big powers will be held at the body friend headquarters, and the last three will be held on the 21st (Sat) at Eldorado Resort, located in Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, 9th Dan.

The game is a two-hour time limit, one minute, three times a minute, each time, and the three countries confront by modifying the dimensions of the third. Isedol 9dan is advantageous because it proceeds with a folding game of laying stones in advance. In addition, if the size of the game is different depending on the win or loss, if the 9th stage of Isedol loses in 1 country, it will be difficult to predict whether or not the 2nd country will start with 3 points. Lee Se-dol 9dan predicted a difficult fight, saying, "The probability that humans beat AI (AI) is very low to win the lottery." The reason for his retirement was that he had a great influence on the appearance of artificial intelligence (AI). I pulled my retirement for three or four years.

This time, AI (AI) to face the 9th stage of Isedol is a stone of NHN. Handol was developed based on the data accumulated through 'Hangame Baduk' since 1999, and now has reached a level that exceeds the capability of professional articles. Handol recorded a 5: 0 victory in the top five pro-knights vs. Handol Big Match, which was held as a relay nation with five top Korean knights including Park Jung-hwan until January 2019. In August, he was third in the world's first AI tournament.

SBS broadcasts all the big games of Lee Sedol vs. Handol, Lee Sedol's retirement game. In addition, Kang Seong-tae, a pro Baduk knight Han Hae-won, columnist Kim Tae-hoon, AI expert Lee Kyung-jeon, and Master Kwon Gap-yong, the teacher of Lee Se-dol, are expected to unravel the story behind AI Han-dol and Lee Se-dol.

(SBS funE Kang Sun-ae reporter)