Kim Kardashian has filed a complaint against a doctor from Alabama. This Charles Runels would use her name and images without the consent of the reality star to advertise so-called vampire face treatments, reports E! Online Tuesday based on court documents.

For vampire facial treatments, blood is taken from the face, treated and injected again. Kardashian underwent this treatment in 2013, which was shown in an episode of her reality show Kourtney & Kim Take Miami . Five years later, the reality star confessed to regret the treatment.

"The defendant Charles Runels is a physician in Alabama," said Kardashian's legal team in court documents. "Characteristic of his self-promotion, he calls himself the" orgasm doctor. "Mrs. Kardashian was shocked to discover that her name and image were everywhere on Runels' website. where patients contracted the HIV virus, it says, for example, "Bar (Refaeli, a model from Israel, ed.) and Kim receive the Vampire Facial® Procedure".

In a blog on the website, the company where Runels performs the vampire face treatments has responded to the allegations of Kardashian. "Doctor Runels did not ask her to use the name of the treatment to promote her show and her online activities; she did it on her own initiative, after having undergone treatment by a colleague of Runels", falls on the Vampire website Facial to read. "Despite that, he will remove all mentions of Kardashian's name and all her images from his website, as if she had never received the treatment."

The 39-year-old Kardashian is training as a lawyer. She had several successes in her efforts to assist prisoners; in November the execution of the sentenced Rodney Reed was postponed thanks to Kardashian's mediation.