A farewell ceremony for Mr. Tetsu Nakamura, Fukuoka City, December 11, 16:20

The farewell ceremony of Dr. Satoshi Nakamura, a doctor who was shot and died in Afghanistan, was held on the afternoon of November 11th in Fukuoka. Many people, including those who were intimate with each other, attended and parted with farewell to Mr. Nakamura, who had been instrumental in the reconstruction of Afghanistan for many years.

Dr. Tetsu Nakamura (73), a doctor who has been involved in humanitarian assistance and reconstruction for many years in Afghanistan, was shot and killed by someone on the 4th of this month while traveling in Jalalabad, Eastern Nangarhar Province.

Nakamura-san's body returned to Fukuoka with his hometown on the 9th. According to the police, the result of the judicial dissection on the 10th was that he died of blood loss due to multiple bullets in his chest.

According to Peshawar, on the 10th, my family was quietly surrounded by Mr. Nakamura at his home in Omuta, Fukuoka.

On the 11th, which is one week after the incident, a farewell ceremony was held from 1 pm in the city center of Chuo-ku, Fukuoka.

According to Peshawar, over 100 flowers were delivered from relatives and supporters.

The elbow was wrapped in a cloth that seems to be the flag of Afghanistan and placed in front of the venue, and flowers were offered on the elbow.

A large shadow of Nakamura-san was displayed near the elbow.

According to Peshawar, the picture is a photo taken in Afghanistan a few years ago, and it seems that Mr. Nakamura wearing a shirt is slightly smiling.

At the farewell ceremony, many people, including those who were intimate, attended and prayed for farewell with Mr. Nakamura.

A junior college student who taught me to go through the way I believed

In spite of the influence of Mr. Nakamura who worked on agricultural land restoration in Afghanistan, there is a doctor in Fukuoka where Mr. Nakamura's hometown is trying to serve the patient beyond the medical framework.

Dr. Mai Yamada (40), a doctor who continues to treat breast cancer patients at breast surgery at Kyushu University Hospital in Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City, needs support beyond the medical framework so that breast cancer mothers can balance treatment and child-rearing. I thought.

For this reason, an NPO was established three years ago, planning events where parents and children can participate together outside the hospital, and accepting consultations about problems.

One year after the establishment of the NPO, Mr. Yamada, who spoke at the lecture held at Kyushu University for the first time, talked about Mr. Nakamura yesterday (10th). Rather, I was impressed by the fact that I was just doing what I had to do. "

On top of that, "I don't think I can be like Nakamura-san, but I was taught that just sticking to the path I believed was the power to change something." Clogged up.

For Mr. Yamada, Nakamura-san has been a long-awaited senior university student and has been reading books since he was a resident, so `` It is not a pity that Dr. Nakamura died, but the teacher's thoughts are many. I think I will continue to live in my heart and continue to change society. "

Mr. Yamada said that he was “shocked” by the fact that Afghanistan's dry land was reborn as a green land by Mr. Nakamura ’s long-term activities. I want to continue my activities to increase the number of smiling mothers and children. "