Lenny Kuhr has not watched the Eurovision Song Contest for years. Thanks to the entry from Anouk, the former winner of the European song competition became enthusiastic again, she says in conversation with De Telegraaf on Wednesday.

"I think Anouk with Birds is the most memorable act," says Kuhr. "Because of that entry, I went to watch the Songfestival again. I quit the years before, for example because of that terrible heavy metal song from Norway. With Anouk I felt proud of our country again!"

The 'Norwegian heavy metal song' to which Kuhr refers is Hard Rock Hallelujah , with which the Finnish band Lordi won the Songfestival in 2006. Anouk became ninth with Birds in 2013.

In 1969, the then 19-year-old Kuhr shared first place in the Eurovision Song Contest with De Troubadour . She shared her first place on behalf of the Netherlands with the United Kingdom, France and Spain. All four countries received 18 points.

In January, the now 69-year-old singer revealed via Twitter that she initially wanted to take part in the song competition with the song Mais non monsieur .

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