As cold winds are coming in, the high concentration of fine dust that lasted for two days is gradually receding. Tomorrow (12th), the cold cold comes.

I am an airport reporter.


High concentrations of fine dust covering the whole country are gradually being scattered by the cold air extending from the north.

The concentration of ultrafine dust in the metropolitan area, which soared more than four times as usual, has been reduced to about twice its normal level.

Fine dust levels will gradually return to normal levels tonight, and most of the ultra-fine dust warnings that lasted for two days will be lifted.

Tomorrow, cold air from the north will be cold as the temperature drops significantly.

Seoul's temperature will drop to -4 degrees below 10 degrees below today, and Paju and Cheorwon will go down to -8 degrees below zero.

The cold wind will blow and the temperature will be lower.

Due to the fear of the cold weather, a cold wave warning was issued tonight in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungcheong, and some parts of Jeonbuk.

On the west coast of Chungnam and Jeolla provinces, it is likely that snow or raindrops will scatter sporadically until dawn tomorrow.

The Meteorological Agency said that the temperature change will be large for the time being, and be careful about health care.