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Whoever says, as we have the political landscape today, that does not miss Mariano Rajoy, lies. And not for being Mariano Rajoy, but because what it represents yes. A politician of those from before, of whom some time ago they stopped valuing and now we want them to return. Mariano Rajoy is one of them, but there are many others. But Mariano Rajoy is no longer president, Mariano Rajoy is now the neighbor who elects the mayor. And after a while to his, to his property registration, Mariano Rajoy has returned, but he does not return to politics, nor returns to plasma, he returns because he has written a book, A Better Spain, and how to do the promotion that corresponds, there is no plasma and yes a lot of TV.

Last night he was at El Hormiguero, but he has been round all television and all media for several weeks. And Mariano Rajoy is still Mariano Rajoy, little has changed, the difference is that now he has no qualms about remembering that eternal (and controversial) meal of the day of his motion of censure, and he has no difficulty recognizing, that he doesn't remember if he took shots or He did not take them. Remember that you did nothing wrong and had a great time. "What happened at that meal? Did you take shots?" Pablo Motos asked . Well, frankly, I don't remember Pablo. It's an exclusive that I just gave you. "

And he has no trouble recognizing it. Well, he had a good time, he went with "5 or 6 friends, who could have been any other" and enjoyed the food, the desktop and what came next because "yes, I was in a restaurant just as I was in the motion of censure that we made ", period. Also, "I had already warned that I would not be in the afternoon," period, again.

He does not care so much that if Pablo Motos proposes to go out to Alcalá street in Madrid and go to a bar to have a beer, Mariano Rajoy is not only accepting, he arrives at the bar, sits and says, without cutting himself a hair, I'm going to have a beer like the one I drank in the motion of censure. Now you go and come back.

Because, although the interview went a long way, much more than going to the bar with Pablo Motos and talking about football, there are two things that you can see still hurt Mariano Rajoy. One is the motion of censure that Pedro Sánchez made - because for Mariano Rajoy who made it was Sánchez - and another everything that was said about that long meal.

The first made it very clear during the interview by ensuring that until Pedro Sánchez returned as general secretary of the PSOE, no one of the PSOE had considered making a motion of censure. "When Pedro Sánchez returned what the PSOE did not want to do, which was to agree with Bildu, ERC, it was done and went ahead." He could say it louder, but not clearer.

The second was that meal. I think that since he has been touring all the media presenting his book they have asked him the same question over and over again. "You were in a restaurant ...", and Rajoy always answers the same thing, that he was in the debate of the motion of censure in the morning, but that in the afternoon there was no point in being because it was the turn of the one that was presented as a candidate

And as it did not have to be, then what better to go to a restaurant and enjoy, because yes, he enjoyed, and smelled his ... yes, his balls. "The only thing I remember is having a great time. But there are people who don't like to have a good time. I like to see people happy. If you are positive you can even with the toughest things. Laugh it's very important . " Yes, Mariano Rajoy last night did have fun at El Hormiguero.

It was not the first time he was, he was already in the last elections in which he presented himself as a candidate for the presidency; yes, the ones he won; Yes, those that brought the motion of censure. And he also had fun, because at that time - and not as long ago as it may seem - politicians went to El Hormiguero and had a good time. Now that is just remember.

So Mariano Rajoy was returning to El Hormiguero, but he is no longer Mariano Rajoy, leader of the PP, nor Mariano Rajoy , candidate for the presidency of the Government, nor Mariano Rajoy , president of Spain. Now it is, or so it wants, to be simply Rajoy. Sounds like a movie nominated for five Goyas.

But it's true. Simply Rajoy. The Mariano Rajoy who is no longer under pressure to be the president of the Government - "if you are a minister you can pick up the phone and call the president, but the president has only one option that is to look at the sky" - neither of the critics , neither of "very bad people", nor of anything, only that of having had the "honor" of being president of Spain and promoting your book, which, by the way, and for the one who hurts, has written by hand with a pen In case someone comes to ask for explanations about the authorship .

Rajoy is missed because although maintaining the rivalry and battle that politicians always maintain, he belongs to that old school where he knows how far to throw the blanket without discovering what should not be discovered. What has been the secrets of the alcove of politics. Minutes, because nothing he did not want to tell last night in El Hormiguero is what many would call chicha, but it is enough to know that with Rajoy there are limits that cannot be crossed.

For example, at one point during the interview, Pablo Motos told him to choose between Felipe González and José María Aznar. At this point, what else would have given him to choose between one and the other, well no. "I pass word," he replied to Motos, after warning him that he had not gone to El Hormiguero to open any melon. No melon, no watermelon, no peaches.

Nor did he want to reveal "the bad people" who after the 2015 elections wanted to remove him from the throne of the PP and offered four ministers to replace him. "In 2015 it is true that I was a supporter of a German coalition. The PSOE did not want and we had to repeat elections, but in the middle there was a lot of gossip of people who think that this is ... and this is political. And the PP could not lose the function of governing. They were very bad people, but I will not say who ", and here he wanted to read. Oh, if there was Ruperta!

Not with corruption, the just and nothing more, that this is a melon that should not be opened, even if they ask. "It is something that happened a long time before my Government and nobody in my Government was charged. And I hope that something like this does not happen again . " C'était fini, that Mariano went to talk about his book.

It is that until when he gave Pedro Sánchez a little cane , and gave him a lot of last night, Mariano Rajoy gives off neither the iniquity, nor the hatred, nor the animosity that now emerges between them. Yes, it is called moderation, but the slug releases you the same and it hurts the same or even more. So much so that not only did he blame Sánchez for the motion of censure that ended his political life, but he reminded him that to make a motion of censure you have to be sure that you can govern, and Sánchez, according to Rajoy, "has not done nothing ", or get some budgets, which" follow those of Montoro ".

And why didn't he resign? "If Sánchez had resigned, he would have been elected President of the Government. Pedro Sánchez would have won the elections. Then it was invented that if I resigned he would withdraw the motion and then the King would have summoned all the parties and Sanchez would have left without the need for an absolute majority And I would have supposed that the PP had left its functions of Government by a case of corruption in which we had not been condemned ". He is clear, there are many others that do not remain so crystalline.

And if you have to tell Sanchez that he did wrong in throwing his mattress when he arrived in La Moncloa, then he says it and he stays so chimpún: "He would have done better with my mattress because some good qualities had been attached to him." It shows, it feels like Rajoy doesn't feel any appreciation for Sánchez. In fact, from an affable interview, with his momentazos, with his laughter, with his chascarrillos, he only had tension when Rajoy talked about Sánchez .

If something was clear last night during the interview it is besides Rajoy going to a bar to have a beer so quiet, that he has written a book and that he had a good time in his 'censorship' meal is that Sanchez is not liked by Mariano , neither he nor what he is doing. Not even when talking about 155 or the corruption of the PP, Rajoy became as tense as when it was his turn to talk about Pedro Sánchez. He didn't look for him, nor did he go after him without coming to the story, but when Pablo Motos asked him, Rajoy didn't shut up. No need to shut up.

"The Frankestein Government seems to me to be a very bad idea. First, because I don't know what the PSOE is doing there. It will be very difficult for him to explain how he is going to form a government with some gentlemen who were expelled. I am very worried and I would like it not to come out Go ahead. I think it's bad for Spain (...) You can't agree on what Spain is with a party that only matters to a part of Spain. " What is perfectly understood? Well, this is what they have been trying to explain since the PSOE-ERC negotiations began and nobody has said it as clearly as Rajoy said last night. That is the difference between what we have and what we had. It is not necessary to agree with him, or even be close ideologically speaking, but to Caesar what is Caesar's, and there are few left, a species in extinction.

That species that tells how his last night was in Moncloa, and it seems that what counts is what counts is the most normal thing in the world. That species that explains the measures that were taken so that Spain was not rescued by Europe, and although they may seem the most terrible thing in the world, you understand what they are telling you. That species that tells you about 155 and 1O, and ends up telling you that in a meeting with Puigdemont he asked if he thought he could approve a referendum and he replied: "Now, if I know that you will not do it, but you can't either. " That species that thinking about the cowardice of Puigdemont does not once say the word coward, but makes it clear that "he had no courage." That species ...

"If a referendum is held anywhere in Spain and the others cannot comment, what is being done is to deprive the Spanish of the right to decide." For you to come back.

Rajoy is still Rajoy, but now he is something more Mariano. He is still the politician who measured the times perfectly, the politician who knew how far to go at all times, but now he is the registrar of the property that has no qualms about recognizing his good tabletops, going to have a beer, recognizing that he had a bad time, very bad being president, but that it was all "an honor". The Mariano who elects the mayor, the Rajoy who chooses the neighbor.

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