The Sheikh Zayed Festival 2019 paid great attention to the aspirations of its visitors from families and individuals to obtain the distinguished products that they are accustomed to providing in its stores and wings every year, so all exhibitors were keen to bring a huge variety of different products that are important to all family members and attract new ones.

Among the pavilions filled with valuable products are the Egyptian and Saudi pavilions, which receive a large influx of visitors to the festival in order to learn about the new products, and buy what they like from them at special competitive prices.

The Egyptian pavilion is distinguished by its creative way of design, from the first look from the far away of the pavilion, the visitor realizes that in front of the Egyptian pavilion, which was constructed with a pharaonic spirit, where the scene dominates the large scale of the Pallahol and the Pharaonic obelisks, in addition to the Pharaonic reliefs that adorn the façade and exterior walls of the pavilion's stores.

As for the Saudi pavilion, its stores are distinguished by displaying many different products that are of interest to the Gulf and Arab visitors in general, as a number of stores display a large variety of unique Arab perfumes with notes of oud, amber, musk and cardamom.

The store offers a variety of Saudi dates, including Medina, Saqqi, Majdoul and Saudi Arabian coffee, in addition to natural mountain honey products, such as Al-Asad, Al-Samar Al-Wadiyan, Al-Jabali and wax cells rich in honey. A neighboring store displays a variety of Arab dress, including shemagh, ghutra, multicolored, Aqal, bisht, and Arab robes, adjacent to it a store of perfumes, fumes, and incense burners, where it displays Arab perfumes that are fragrant with the scents of musk, oud, incense and oud in all kinds.

The pavilion features a store that sells women's accessories of classy designs such as chains, bracelets, earrings, and bride crowns coated with gold and silver water, adjacent to it is a store that sells elegant Gulf women gowns.