MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CO., LTD New employee suicide "I was told I was dead" Document sent to boss December 7 12:05

In August, a new employee from a major electronics manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric, in Hyogo Prefecture committed suicide with a note to the effect of bullying by his boss, and documents were suspected that the police insisted that his 30-year-old boss commit suicide. I understood that I was inspected.

A new employee in his 20s who was assigned to the Mitsubishi Electric production management system development in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, committed suicide in a park in the prefecture in August.

After that, a note stating that the boss told me "I was dead" was found, and the police who consulted with the bereaved family investigated.

As a result, the police sent out a document last month on the suspicion of suicide for a male supervisor in his 30s who was in charge of educating new employees on the memo.

As for Mitsubishi Electric, a new employee who had committed suicide due to bullying or harassment was suspected, and his parents filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court, as well as a male employee of a subsidiary who worked at a factory in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture. In October, accidents caused by overwork were recognized.

Mitsubishi Electric commented, "I pray deeply for the souls of those who have died, and sincerely regret the bereaved families. I will refrain from answering any further because they have been investigated."