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It has the solution to overcome the disaffection of the citizens that current politicians suffer: feminize the public thing and create a climate of dialogue with less testosterone. Is

  • Isabel Díaz Ayuso: '' I have started from scratch several times ''

It has the solution to overcome the disaffection of the citizens that current politicians suffer: feminize the public thing and create a climate of dialogue with less testosterone. This young lawyer, with an amazing ability to remember car license plates or ID numbers, dreams of the day when there is no need to keep a minute of silence before a plenary session because there are no longer victims of gender violence.

Julio César's popular phrase `` Veni, vidi, vici '' could well be applied to Inés Rey, the first woman who runs the City Council of La Coruña. Arriving from the ranks of socialism, he has seen what his city needs and is willing to overcome any obstacle to achieve it. On the eve of the elections, he expressed it this way: «I don't go out to tie or lose, but to win and, above all, to govern». And he achieve it. At 37, the youngest mayor of the capitals of the province of Spain says: «I am a rookie but I have baggage. I have been at the PSOE for 18 years and, the last 10, working as a criminal and family lawyer ». He is concerned about global warming, is considered impatient and with a great sense of humor. She entertains watching series, reading black novel and, of course, squeezing her leisure time with her husband and two children, a girl and a boy.

YODONA How do you feel knowing that you are the first mayor of La Coruña in democracy? Inés Rey.- Well, I feel that I am many at the same time, because if I can enter every day as mayor through the City Hall door, it is because so many others have struggled to get women to naturally access any position they have earned. In addition, A Coruña is a city with a unique historical tradition in that sense, ranging from our symbol, María Pita, to pioneer figures such as Emilia Pardo Bazán or Concepción Arenal. Without those Coruña, there would not be an Inés Rey mayor, how was your break in the glass ceiling? The truth is that it has been very well received. But I am especially proud to have found that sorority, help among women, is not only an abstract concept but can be a reality. On the day of my inauguration, a unique emotion was felt among the companions of the corporation, but also among the political rivals, who did not hide some satisfaction. He has already been in the position for more than a hundred days. How is your promise to “do politics with capital letters, with dialogue and without tension”? More than promise I like to call it conviction. My intention is to stop looking in the rearview mirror to face what was not working until now and implement the policies demanded by A Coruña. And doing so through dialogue is the fastest way for citizens to see us as their allies, not as a problem. We are obliged to reach agreements and create that climate, less testosterone and friendlier. Depatriarchalizing politics and feminizing it is the perfect formula to end disaffection. How much of a feminist do you and your politics have? If we do politics in a feminist key, we are obliged to reject hyper-leaderships and demonstrate that you can lead a government without considering yourself an infallible divinity. And that does not mean losing representative capacity or firmness in convictions, on the contrary. I believe that this position is what society demands, every day and every March 8, in addition to clear measures in favor of equality, against the wage gap and sexist violence. Xulio Ferreiro was his professor at the university and his predecessor in office. Do you admire anything about him and the legacy he has left? I have a good personal opinion of him, and during his time he did good things and others less, but I have great respect. And yes, it was my teacher, they insist on it a lot and I understand that it arouses curiosity. The Faculty of Law of A Coruña already has two mayors and that is a source of pride. Who knows if any more will come out? What part of the cake has left Atlantic Tide and the Galego Nationalist Bloc? With their votes, the Coruña decided that they want progressive policies led by my party, the PSOE. So we are reaching agreements, something unprecedented in the previous eight years, so that the cake serves the benefit of citizens. She introduced herself to the City Hall as a newbie, without experience. He only needed seven months for his rise to fame. What made her win? Breaking a glass ceiling is just that, for a mayor to be without previous experience in this type of position, but with adequate preparation for the position. I have been in politics since I was 18 and working as a lawyer since I was very young.

What are the main problems of citizens and how are they facing and solving them? Against this image that we only act on minor issues, the reality is that the municipal administration is cutting edge in the face of the great problems of the 21st century: sustainability and , therefore, the fight against global warming; access to decent housing or equality between men and women. How does a socialist mayor get along with a president of the Xunta de Galicia who has been from the PP since 2009? I hope the relationship is the best, because we do not represent ourselves themselves, but to two institutions that have to be understood for the good of citizenship. We must stop considering the relations between politicians of different ideology as if it were a show, this does not go from Inés and Alberto [Núñez Feijóo], but from Concello da Coruña and Xunta de Galicia. How do you reconcile? There is much to advance in that sense , and I don't say it as a personal complaint, but as a collective need. From governments we have to pay more attention to the care of children and adults. Tell me about your experience as a writer in a section of La Voz de Galicia in 2016 telling your adventures as a mother. I always liked to write. And the humor. I don't understand life without him. It is what helps to overcome the bad and enjoy the good even more. Dramatizing the drama more does not benefit anyone and less when you are occupying a position like mine, but you can not banal on serious issues. It is my way of being, I take everything I do very seriously, but I know how to remove iron and laugh at the moment it touches. Her friends call her Wiki on Wikipedia. Is it because she is a wise person? They are affectionate nicknames that I accept and make me funny. I have an amazing ability to retain totally absurd data, from car license plates to ID numbers, dates of disc publications, ephemeris, etc. What do you do in your spare time? Family and friends come first. And then I do what anyone my age: I like series, movies, travel, reading, especially reading. I am a true fan of the black novel, by Henning Mankell and Philip Kerr, two of my favorite authors. As for the series, The Wire. I would see her again a thousand times. Do you have an image consultant? No, I don't think it's important to govern. However, I do know that I am the mayor of a city that is a world vanguard in the world of fashion, because of the international dimension of Inditex, but also because of many entrepreneurs that we have in our neighborhoods. So just looking at what they propose, I already think I have very good collective advisors. Is your best quality and your worst defect? ​​I am tenacious and hardworking, I put passion into everything I do, I give myself totally. But I am also very impatient, because I want things to be solved for yesterday. Close your eyes and open them within four years. What do you see, that there are no sexist or inequality legañas. That we no longer have to keep minutes of silence before starting each municipal plenary because there are no victims of gender violence.

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