This Friday and until tomorrow is the 33rd edition of the Telethon. Thirty hours of mobilization on the public service, thirty hours to be generous. Producer Philippe Vilamitjana presents this year's feature in Culture Médias at the microphone of Louise Bernard.

The 33rd edition of the Telethon is launched. At the helm of these two days of uninterrupted programs, Sophie Davant and Nagui, accompanied by the sponsor of the 2019 edition: the actor Jean-Paul Rouve. It is at the Cité des Sciences in La Villette in Paris that the program is being set up this year. "We will also be throughout France and especially in the city of Jean-Paul Rouve in Dunkirk," said Philippe Vilamitjana, the producer of the show, at the microphone of Europe 1. "The Dunkerquois told us they were going to make a carnival for the Telethon, to mobilize thoroughly and that they even reserve us surprises! "

30h non-stop on the public service

It is true that France Télévisions does not skimp on the means to mobilize the French and the public group has also become an indispensable partner of the AFM-Telethon, an association that organizes this gigantic fundraising operation.

"A 30-hour program on television, non stop, it does not exist anywhere in the world so regularly," recalls Philippe Vilamitjana. "It's a must in the house, the DNA of France televisions for 33 years.These are strong values ​​of generosity, solidarity, benevolence.It is estimated that it is thanks to these 30 hours that we arrive to make the biggest collection in the world ".

85 million collected in 2018

But in this context of social mobilization, will the French be generous? Donations had dropped last year, with 85 million euros harvested, four less than in 2017. But according to Philippe Vilamitjana, it rains, it snows, or that it shows, the Telethon must take place ! "This allows the association, the AFM, to collect the budget for one year, for research, for families and children, so it can not be canceled, we hope this year that despite the context, we will have the most protected Telethon to allow those who want to give to give, and those who want to watch to watch ".

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