Polish author Olga Tokarczuk and Austrian author and playwright Peter Handke are in Stockholm to receive their respective Nobel Prizes in literature. During the press conference in the Stock Exchange, they will answer questions about their authorship together with the Nobel Committee Chairman Anders Olsson.

Peter Englund protests

Since the announcement on October 10 this year, a sharp debate has raged against this year's award-winner, Peter Handke. The choice is far from uncontroversial and many have questioned whether Handke should have been awarded the prize at all. The debate was primarily about Handke's proscribed positions in the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s and that as late as 2006 he spoke at Milosevic's funeral.

One of those who, as of today, went out in protest against Peter Handke is the academy member Peter Englund. Englund will not take part in any festivities or ceremonies in connection with the Nobel Prize in literature being awarded next week, he announced on Friday.

- To celebrate Peter Handke's Nobel Prize would be gross hypocrisy on my part, says Peter Englund to DN.

Handke has consistently rebuffed allegations directed at him, and the Swedish Academy has defended his choice of award winners.

Missed price 2018

December 2017 was the last Nobel Prize in literature awarded. Then it went to Japanese-British writer Kazuo Ishiguro. In 2018, the award failed because of the turbulence and membership deficits that occurred in the suites of Dagens Nyheter's review where 18 women testified about abuse and harassment of the so-called Culture Profile, Jean-Claude Arnault.

Jean Claude Arnault was sentenced last December for his refusal to serve two years and six months in prison.