NHK Disability Welfare Award Experience 11 works won a prize December 6 15:15

An award ceremony for the NHK Disability Welfare Award was given at the NHK Broadcasting Center in Shibuya, Tokyo, which was given to excellent experiences written by people with disabilities and their families.

The NHK Disability Welfare Award is established by the NHK Welfare Agency for Cultural Affairs and NHK so that people with disabilities and their families and other supporters can learn about their experiences and activities.

Eleven out of 393 works were selected for the 54th time, and among them the best award was given by Shingo Akaiwa (25) in Tokyo, “Aim, Daruma! Was chosen.

This work is a summary of my experience of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder the year I graduated from high school, repeating a wave of depression and depression, and failing many times.

I have been working for 6 years when I changed my mind to “get to be a person who can get up again and again” by grasping my own pace in the relationship with my family and the people around me.

Mr. Akaiwa said, “I applied for a good opportunity to face myself with the daily thoughts of bipolar disorder. By opening my heart, people who have the same troubles can talk to me. I was also glad that I was able to establish such a relationship. ”

The winning works will be compiled into a collection of works and distributed to libraries throughout the country, and works such as the best award will be introduced on the NHK Welfare Agency.