Actress Sawajiri Erika Defendant Bail December 6th 19:29


Actress Sawajiri Erika, who was prosecuted for possessing a synthetic drug MDMA, was released on bail from a detained police station.

The bailed actress Sawajiri Erika (33) was bailed for the first time in 20 days from the detained Tokyo Bay Police Station before 7:30 pm on the 6th.

While about 200 media members gathered, the car on which Sawajiri was on board came out from the back door of the police station, but the curtain was closed, and the details inside the car could not be confirmed.

Defendant Sawajiri was charged on November 16 for possessing synthetic narcotics MDMA and LSD in his home apartment in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

In response to a request from a lawyer, the Tokyo District Court decided to accept bail and paid 5 million yen on bail.

According to previous research, Defendant Sawajiri admitted that he had been using multiple illegal drugs for more than 10 years, but the result of appraising urine was negative with no illegal drug reaction.