Journalist Theo Verbruggen will leave NOS at the end of this year. He will let you know on Tuesday on his weblog and in conversation with

"The management of the NOS has indicated that they want to say goodbye," said Verbruggen. The broadcaster says he has enough reporters and says that they also want to give others a chance.

The 61-year-old Verbruggen had been talking about his departure for a few months after the NOS indicated that he did not want to continue with him. "I was very surprised when I was told. Especially since I have been working a lot for them lately. That's why it was a big surprise."

"I find it appalling and quite disappointed", continues Verbruggen. "Because the work is so damn fun. You don't know where you end the day in the morning. There is also a short tension in it and you get addicted to it."

"I'm going to miss the news"

The reporter who reported live in March of this year after the tram attack in Utrecht, he says, will have to find a different rhythm: "That is new to me. I'm going to miss the news. People now tell me that for someone like I have room everywhere, but you do not have that certainty. Of course there is life after the NOS, but now it is sour for a while. I am so used to pulling out the news, for example. "

Verbruggen will in any case try to expand his performances as chairman and media trainer. "I have seen so many people in front of the camera and seen so much clumsiness that my hands sometimes itchy to give them directions on how to deal with the media. So I can really use that experience."

"Heartwarming reactions"

After Verbruggen had brought out the news, he was overloaded with responses. "From viewers but also from direct colleagues. And they are heart-warming."

He is often asked the question why he had to leave. "It is not up to me to answer that. But I am 61 years old and that is a difficult age to lose a client. It was not the quality of my work. It really doesn't matter and it is difficult. But the NOS decides. It is not up to me to explain that. "

Verbruggen started at NOS in 1995. He was the only television reporter at that broadcaster who worked on a freelance basis. Verbruggen was also active as a radio reporter for the NOS and also works for Omroep Brabant, among others.

The NOS confirms Verbruggen's departure but does not provide any further explanation.