The charity auction organized by the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club with Al Tayyar team yesterday evening recorded the sale of the most expensive Canad fish in the world at a price of up to AED 125,000.

The auction was held after the first round of the Abu Dhabi King and Fishing Championship on the harvest of the contestants and participants in this round.

The proceeds of the first charity auction went to insolvent inmates in the penal and correctional institutions of the Ministry of Interior, in a charitable gesture.

The auction started immediately after the race and on the number of more than 20 fish caught and high weights, sold the cheapest fish for 9000 dirhams and the most expensive for 125 thousand dirhams, and weighing 36.41 kg.

Hazza Mohammed, assistant of the child who bought the fish, that the goal of his participation in the auction and bidding on the fish is to contribute to the end of hardship for the inmates in difficulty, and to provide good through the auction gate, especially with the encouragement of his father.

Talal Al Hashemi, Director of Sports Sector Development at the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, stressed the great importance of the auction, describing the idea as wonderful by directing the proceeds of charity.

It is noteworthy that the first round of the championship has set a new record in hunting races Kannad with the number of participants to more than 500 participants. The champions are also on their way to the Guinness Book of Records to record the price of the fish sold at the charity auction.