The cold winds say goodbye to November, and are about to greet December with unprecedented eagerness. Tomorrow will be the beginning of December, we are in the early seventies, dawn strings were falling on the island, and spilled on the sea and beaches. The dormant city on the shores of the Gulf is now awakening to the sound of the call to prayer, the roar of the waves and their melodies, wave after wave with a strange magical harmony revealing the secrets of the night.

The endless sea and the dawn smile, the colors of the sunrise, the waves of the sun, the curiosity of the palm trees of the old houses, the footprints of the footsteps of the people, and their effects on the white sand on their way to prayer, the uprising of the Ghaf trees and the sound of the Dawn of the Koran, elements that will not be repeated in a painting of nature.

When Salem completed the Fajr prayer, there was no sound of fighter jets, not even warships and warships meant anything to them, or frightened them and discouraged them, but the love of the country was overwhelming them, because when your heart is flooded with love, fear and anxiety fades and remains The homeland is bright and bright on the horizon.

There were more than 3,000 occupied soldiers waiting for the signal to start invading the island in return, and the number of our soldiers stationed only six soldiers! Standing in the face of an army heavily armed with gear and hatred of the other! What happened that morning? Did our soldiers surrender easily? That morning tells the story of a flagpole?

The story started as follows: The commander of the enemy army gives orders to attack the police station, Salem and his five colleagues are holed up in the center and refuse to hand over the place, and their eyes are attached to the flagpole, while indiscriminate fire is fired in all directions. In the midst of the battle, a strange voice calls out to them, crying out: "Prove, prove," and everyone is filled with courage. The enemy clings to the moment but rules the siege, and increases the intensity of the fire that covers the entire island. Our heroes continue to resist despite the difficulty of the battle, but they bravely managed to inflict casualties on the enemy!

The angry occupier marveled because they thought it was an easy task to eliminate our heroes, but turned against them when they easily lost their leader and members of their strength despite their large number, but were unable to break into the police station. Shelling and shooting began to intensify on our soldiers, and the brutal enemy was able, after an effort, to injure two policemen, as we say: abundance may overcome courage, but falsehood will never triumph over the truth. The new enemy commander ordered his soldiers to turn around and take down the flag to resolve the battle.

Repeated strange sound again «flagpole, O Salem» .. times, Salem goes to the flagpole despite his wounding and injured again, and crawls to prevent them from taking down the flag, and in his way tells the blood of the soil of the island .. Homeland.

In the face of the blood of the right to the land, a monarchy forever.

The land is ours, it was ours and will be returned to us, and the usurper is passing through our land and our history.

The enemy soldiers wonder who was this hero resistor?

His name was Martyr Salem bin Suhail, and his military number is 190.

The first martyr in the UAE now and all time.

In the midst of the battle, a strange voice cries out to them: "Stand, stand," and everyone is filled with courage.

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