Niigata girl murder case 25-year-old defendant today ruling December 4: 7:17

Last May, the Niigata District Court is sentenced to the 25-year-old defendant who was accused of murder for killing a second grader girl in Niigata City and abandoning the body on the railroad. . The focus is on whether the court will pass the death penalty as the prosecution demands.

Defendant Kobayashi (25) in Nishi-ku, Niigata City took a second-year elementary school girl (7 years old) by car in May last year, took an obscene act, squeezed and killed, and left a body on the track Have been charged with crimes such as murder.

In the trial, whether the defendant was murderous was an issue, the prosecution said, “The defendant admitted that he was strangled for more than 5 minutes in the investigation stage. "I am terrible."

On the other hand, the defense side said, `` For the purpose of fainting the girl, killing was not intended and it was not a plan because it was a crime, and it was not a murder crime but a fatal injury injury, even if it was heavy, imprisonment 10 Insists that the sentence of the year is reasonable.

In cases where the death penalty was filed in cases where young children were killed so far, there were cases where even one victim was sentenced to death in one trial of a judge trial, while others were sentenced to life imprisonment, Judgment is divided.

The ruling will be sentenced to the Niigata District Court from 3 pm on the 4th, and the focus will be on whether the court will sentence the death penalty as the prosecution demands.

The circumstances of the incident

The incident occurred on May 7 last year.

The girl's mother in Niigata City contacted the school saying "My daughter won't come back".

The girl left school after 3:00 pm and went to school with her friend halfway through, but finally lost herself when she was witnessed walking alone near her home.

Around 10:30 pm that day, I was hit by a train on a nearby JR track and found in a dead body.

Although it was initially regarded as an accident, the cause of death was death from suffocation as a result of police examining the body in detail.

Because of this, after the police killed the girl, the police assumed that the body was abandoned and proceeded with the investigation.

As a result, one week after the outbreak, accused Kobayashi, who lived near the scene, was arrested on the suspicion of abandoning the body, as a result of an investigation of suspicious vehicles traveling around the scene before and after the incident.

The defendant was subsequently charged with murder and other charges.

Prosecutor's side said "I was killed

The prosecution has been concerned about the defendant's murderous intention that has been the main issue in previous trials. “The act of strangling is a typical act of killing a person. It is clear that the neck has been squeezed with a murderous intent, ”he said.

Regarding the defendant's denial of murderous intent, `` Defendants who can choose to do anything that can be dangerous by themselves, such as colliding a car from behind at a speed of 20 to 30 kilometers per hour, do not dare to die I can't believe that I was strangled, and the excuse that I wasn't killed was self-protection and I can't trust it at all. "

As for the planning, “It was a terrible crime that struck a victim and attacked one victim, aiming to leave school, and left his body on the train. Despite being able to do it, the attitude of neglecting life, who chooses a criminal offense and consistently sees the victim as an object, is extremely prominent. "

In addition, “In trials,“ I don't remember ”repeatedly, I started with ambiguous statements about things that were unfavorable to me, saying that there was no attitude to face the crimes I committed from the front, and there was no possibility of recovery "The result is serious, and the degree of life neglect is extremely large. There is no circumstance to avoid as a result of carefully judging whether the death penalty is unavoidable." As a death sentence.

Defendant “No murder charges”

The defendant has said in the previous trials about the defendant's murderous intent to be the main issue, “The defendant has been known to have a high risk of death because he has strangled the person in the past. "I didn't want to kill the person, and the trial said that she stopped strangling when the girl's voice and resistance disappeared." Insist.

As for the motivation, “I decided to take the girl by chance and decided to bump it into the car. I also said in the court that I thought it was quick and abandoned on the tracks. However, the defendant himself does not know the clear motivation why he felt this way, "he said," There is no plan such as not preparing a tool to take away, and it is also reflected in the surrounding security cameras The crimes are sloppy and sloppy. "

Also, “My parents are willing to be treated for mental disorders that have affected the crime, such as suddenly becoming indifferent to things, and my parents promise to help. Defendants need treatment rather than punishment.” He stated that there was no criminal record, a word of apology, that he was 23 years old at the time of the incident, and that there was a high possibility of rehabilitation, and he claimed that a sentence of 10 years in prison was appropriate even if he was heavy. The