• Climate Summit: The King asks for leadership and resolution in the face of climate change: "No border protects us from its effects"
  • Objectives: Climate Coverage: ambition, ambition and ambition to achieve zero emissions in 2050

After three weeks on the high seas, crossing the Atlantic in very bad weather conditions , this morning the environmental activist Greta Thunberg is about to disembark in Lisbon, concluding the transoceanic stage of her pilgrimage to the Climate Summit in Madrid.

The young Swedish woman refuses to travel by air because of the pollution they produce , and that is why she has ended up crossing the ocean twice this year : initially in August, when she traveled by ecological sailboat to the United Nations environmental summit in New York, and again in November, when the transfer of the Climate Summit from Chile to Madrid left it on the equivocal side of the Atlantic. Thanks to the generosity of the Australian couple Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu , who offered to transport her aboard the family catamaran, La Vagabonde , Thunberg has managed to return to Europe in time to attend the climate event in the Spanish capital.

After hanging around Cabo da Roca and flanking the coastal villages of Cascáis and Estoril, La Vagabonde is about to leave the Atlantic behind to climb the Tagus, and is surrounded by chartered ships by different means that try to capture the last moments of the crossing . Soon it will pass under the 25 de Abril Bridge and will enter the Dobo de Santo Amaro Lisbon, although it will not do so without help. The catamaran does not gain access to space by its own strength , and the Portuguese media advance that it will depend on a tugboat to dock at the dock.

There dozens of people await the young activist, including many young activists from Fridays for Future - the student movement against climate change founded by Thunberg - and many other international journalists eager to capture the young woman's first words as she steps on the continental soil

In addition to welcome posters, there are many who make reference to the controversial project of the controversial second Lisbon airport in Montijo, criticized by environmental associations, which believe that its construction will be devastating for the native species of the Tagus.

When Prime Minister António Costa - displaced to the NATO Summit in London - was absent, he touched the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina , to receive the activist. . Once on the mainland, Thunberg will offer a brief press conference before retiring to rest.

To Madrid aboard the Trenhotel Lusitania

After so many days sailing through rough waters, the young woman will go to a local hotel where she will try to recover. In principle, he has only organized private meetings with other activists, although it is rumored that he has been invited to the Belém Palace to meet with the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, this afternoon. In any case, your stay in Lisbon will be short, since tonight you will leave for Madrid aboard the Trenhotel Lusitania .

The activist will sleep aboard the night train that connects the Iberian capitals, a trip that lasts 10 hours and concludes at the Madrid-Chamarín terminal station at 08.15 on Wednesday. Although all of the roads that the train travels in Portuguese lands are electrified, in the 100-kilometer stretch between the Spanish-Portuguese border and Medina del Campo the Trenhotel depends on a diesel locomotive that produces twice the CO2 produced by electric trains, a factor which makes the trip violate the sustainability standards that the activist defends so much .

Although the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Sustainability of the Junta de Extremadura put an electric car at their disposal, the activist's team indicates that she has finally chosen to travel by train. The offer of the Board was criticized by the environmental platform Save the Mountain , which asked that Thunberg not accept the car - which operates with lithium batteries - to denounce the autonomous decision to give a green light to a lithium mine near Cáceres. The young woman's team has not revealed whether the association's request was assessed by the activist when choosing the mode of transportation to Madrid.

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