The BBC has promised to include more people with disabilities in their programs. There will be shows that revolve around people with a disability and the range of presenters will also be more diverse, reports British broadcaster Tuesday.

The BBC promises to show a "more authentic and distinctive representation of people with disabilities".

This includes a "very personal" documentary by BBC correspondent Frank Gardner. BBC presenter Alex Brooker, whose leg is amputated, is going to make a series about his handicap and there will also be a new series from the comedy series Jerk, which revolves around a man with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome.

In addition, BBC's existing programs also include more people with disabilities. This will include panel members, presenters and actors.

The broadcaster also wants to hire more people with disabilities behind the scenes. Currently 10.4 percent of all BBC employees have a disability. The intention is that this will rise to 12 percent in 2022.