The historic Shindagha area is a testament to the history and heritage of Dubai, embodying a value that reflects the cultural development of the emirate and highlights the essence of architecture and its magnificent decoration, whose people excelled in its sculpture and design.

“Under the directives of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Municipality has worked to revitalize the historic Shindagha area and its buildings to be a giant museum that tells the story of Dubai and its history,” said Daoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality. The revitalization of the historic district of Shindagha will be ready in the first half of 2020, and will add a cultural platform reflecting the history and heritage of the emirate, and activate tourism in preparation to receive the largest number of tourists during the next year.

Al Hajri added: “The project is about to be completed, to embellish the brilliant image of the city, where its magnificent reality coalesces with its beautiful past, in a view that reflects the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and preserves its architectural heritage and monuments.” The restoration of heritage buildings in the historical area, to begin the largest restoration of buildings, which reached 162 buildings on an area of ​​169 thousand square meters, has developed into integrated museums, representing more than 25 museum experiences, each consisting of several suites with more than 80 heritage buildings, To tell the story of the start of modern life in Dubai, will be delivered The largest part of the museum's «Dubai Culture» the beginning of next year.

The largest open museum

The director of the municipality that «this project is more than just the restoration of ancient buildings, but a whole area tells the story of the inhabitants of Shindagha with its ornate buildings and narrow skirts and beautiful mosques, and what distinguishes this project - in addition to converting these buildings to museums - is w movement of the visitor from one building to another within a museum "One to form the largest open museum."

The project began to equip the entire infrastructure of the area, followed by horticulture and beautification and the identification of movement paths, and the restoration and rehabilitation of 162 buildings, historical and archaeological details of the original architectural and narrow original skiks, including archaeological mosques, the most famous mosque Sheikh. Al Hajri continued: «The bulk of the first phase of the project, the house of the creek, tells the story of Dubai Creek and perfume house to take the visitor a different experience, as it was completed very quickly, and handed over to (Dubai Culture) already at the end of last August, and was opened (house creek and perfume house "Already in front of the public."

Explore Heritage

The Shindagha Museums consist of a reception center in the style of modern architecture, a large glass building that will manage the tourist work in the region, and will be the gathering point for tourists and guidance services and entertainment, as well as the museum of Dar Al Maktoum, which tells a fascinating driving story, as well as the city growth museum, and the Museum of Social Life , The Wildlife Museum, Folklore Museums, Traditional Crafts and Women's Accessories, the Jewelery Museum, the Navigation Museum, the Children's Museum, which will provide young people with an opportunity to explore the heritage for themselves, and the community heritage center for the education of traditional handicrafts. It also includes marine life museums, the House of Poetry, and the Museum of Folk Food.

Specified itinerary

The 25 museums are an experience on a number of heritage buildings, so that the visitor can enjoy a different experience, through touring these buildings, according to a specific itinerary followed in the story of the whole museum, which includes several historical heritage buildings.

The same is repeated in other museums to add a heritage experience, according to a specific itinerary, starting with one entrance and ending to one exit, up to 25 museum experiences.


A historic and archaeological building on an area of ​​169,000 square meters, which will be restored within the project.

Director of Dubai Municipality:

“The museums will tell the history of the Shindagha inhabitants with their ornate buildings, narrow skyscrapers, and beautiful mosques.”