The mark of the popular Egyptian artist Shaaban Abdel-Rahim has swept social media sites, especially Twitter, following the announcement by Egyptian media of the death of him at the age of 62 after a struggle with the disease.

The followers expressed their sadness and shock at this news, where the words of their farewell to Shaaban Abdel Rahim varied.

The followers recalled the famous song of Shaaban Abdel Rahim, "I Hate Israel", which was associated with him during his artistic career and was a great reason for his fame. One of the followers said: "The popular Egyptian rapper who hates Israel .. I hate Israel and say if I ask .. Goodbye, Shabbola."

Another said: "The owner of the most famous song in the Arab world .. I hate Israel .. Goodbye Shaaban Abdel Rahim .. Goodbye Shaboula."

He also recalled the followers of the qualities they loved Shaaban Abdul Rahim, including humility and kindness, which are characterized by qualities during his career, one of them said: "Peace prevails Shabboula .. The man was a son of a country hard and good and modest and struggled to Ed Ma as much .. God bless you uncle Shaaban. "

Another said: "His sensation was good man, God bless his soul and forgive him."

For their part, followers said that "Shaboula" will leave behind a vacuum in the art scene, pointing out that they will miss him and his popular art, one of them said: "It was very patriotic loved his country .. Gero was very much on his country .. Popular art was distinctive .. I miss you, Shaboula" .

For their part, followers criticized the people who took advantage of the popular character of the artist Shaaban Abdel Rahim during his life, and made him a cause for ridicule and criticism, while they are expressing their love for him after his death. She said one of the tweets: "Anjd in people are not natural .. Hla many people have become loved after what died .. Aayesh was the focus of mockery and mockery because of the art and style of the municipal and popular .. God bless you, O Chapola."