If you have ambition go now .. So I say it to anyone who wants to invest in the real estate market in Dubai or in another market. The value of the budget does not matter as much as your desire to be among the biggest real estate investors in the future.

In fact, the idea of ​​real estate investing is not that huge idea that requires you a large amount of money as many believe, and does not have to be a start to real estate investment is a huge project, it is enough to set a small amount for a small project, with great self-confidence, and a plan of action clear goals Linked to a long-term plan requires you determination and patience to achieve your investment desire .. The idea is simple but requires effort, time and patience .. How so?

The lowest price for a ready-made studio apartment in Dubai, for example, starts from around AED 300,000, and with a flexible payment plan, the initial payment is often 10%, up to AED 30,000, and monthly payments estimated at AED 3,000 over a certain period of time. With this process, anyone with 30,000 dirhams and a financial capacity to pay 3,000 dirhams a month can enter the world of investment as a savings, as they are paid monthly until receipt, or as agreed with the developer.

Thus, the monthly savings method has been transformed into an investment with an annual return that guarantees the amount of money saved over periods. Within a certain period of time he finds himself the owner of a real estate group instead of one property.

I remember when I visited a real estate sales center for a real estate company with a weight in the Dubai market. I was attracted at the time the behavior of the buyer and his thinking, and stopped me motivated to do so.

Where is the impossible then ?! In your budget? Or in the pattern of your thinking and your outlook for investment?

Of course, the impossible lies in your misconception about investment and your belief that what started as big will remain huge, and what started small will remain small. She forgets that the year of life in everything is the gradient, and that climbing the ladder starts step by step to the top.

And always remember that if we give them the little effort, time, and the right way to care for them, the little things get bigger and bigger than we expect.

Convert monthly savings into an investment with an annual return.