Each achievement has its own story, which varies with its owner and its perception of what surrounds him, be it a painting, sculpture, engineering design, fashion collection, or an event that has changed the course of history. Whatever the work is different in its composition, and the invisible threads that formed it, which you see only the eye of its owner, the inspiring character remains the only criterion that does not change, and that mysterious and controversial relationship remains the real spark that provokes innovation .. Who are the inspirations in history?

Many of those who experienced the life of Spanish Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous artists of the 20th century, and the most important founders of the Cubist movement in art, but Dora Marr was able, and the testimony of many who accompanied them, to find the inspiration that was able to restore life, and provoke his artistic sense once Others, in advance after linking with a group of his most famous works of art, and the most expensive price in the history of art.

The photographer, painter, and poet, Dora Marr, with her dark hair, her quiet features, her transparent eyes with a faint blue, was able to turn into inspiration and the main material, which he often embodied in a sad and weeping mold, whether because of what he could see inside, or Because of her personal suffering with him, and her ongoing war with his mistress and mother's daughter, which was not separated from him until his death, this grief reflected by the features of his role was able to inflame within it the spark of art, and transforms this premature artist to inspire influenced the art world to this day.

Although best known as Dora Marr, who later chose herself in 1926 as a shortcut to her real name, she was born in the name of Henriette Theodora Markovic, on November 22, 1907, to a Croatian engineer who studied in Vienna and settled in Paris, where he married Frenchman Louis Jolie Vizon. , And gave birth to her only daughter.


In 1910, the family moved to the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, where the girl grew up, while her father presented many important engineering achievements and projects, and succeeded in achieving an important social status, and was honored by Emperor Francis Joseph I. With French-Croatian roots, an Argentine background, and a Spanish tongue, Henriette returned at 19 with her family to Paris in 1926.Of course, the beautiful young woman chose to study painting and painting at a number of art colleges there, during which she was introduced to a group of the most important artists of the century. The 20, whose friendship has lasted for decades. The return of Dora Marr to Paris was at the beginning of the surrealist movement in the arts, presenting a large collection of works of art in the world of photography, which she mastered with intelligence and desire to develop. The work of Dora Mar tended to continuous experimentation, while always taking her eyes those details that are difficult to observe, in a clear direction to monitor what caused the economic collapse in 1929, where she moved between Barcelona and London after the study stopped, with equipment and camera, providing a realistic glimpse of what the slums suffer, She later returns to Paris and opens her own photography studio with the help of her father.

Rare fame

Although her name was later linked entirely to Picasso, she was a well-known photographer, artist and leftist activist opposed to fascism before their meeting, along with her outstanding talent in painting.He was considered one of the most advanced, creative and rare photographers of the period, either through her own works of art or otherwise. In the 1930s, at a time when it was difficult for women to earn money in art, Mar was able to sell her photos and publish them in art magazines, while also presenting her own art gallery in 1932.

New Picasso

Mar first met Picasso at the end of 1935, where she was working on some promotional images of a famous horror film by John Renoir, and although she was very attracted to the painter 26 years older then, it was not until a year later that she was introduced to him. Their common friend, Paul Elward, at a café frequented by the surrealist intellectuals and artists at the time, recounted the story of their charged meeting with writer John Paul Crispell: “The young woman's hard face was illuminated by her pale blue eyes, which looked pale under her dark eyebrows. And tense, while dancing Light and shade passing through on her face. She never stopped passing a thin knife between her fingers over the wooden table, and when she cut the knife and blown the embroidered drop of blood on her glove, Picasso asked Dora to give him the glove, which he kept in his personal belongings. Mar was able to provoke a complex set of emotions in Picasso, a young woman with both beautiful and sad features, with a lot of intelligence and exciting discussions that never stopped, and with a Spanish tongue that stirred him from the very first moment, which was able to promote the dialogue between them in the mother tongue, Despite the passage of many women in his life, Marr was one of the most influential inspirations to which he remained firmly established. The “dramatic spark” that surrounded Dora Marr and her savory seductive personality was able to nurture the inspiration inside Picasso, who at the time was suffering from discontinuity and artistic scarcity after his separation from his wife, and his relationship with his mistress Marie-Therese Walter and the mother of his daughter Maya, strained. The new passion in his life, even described by some after the beginning of their relationship as a "new Picasso", and the relationship lasted for a decade, and the fruit of many of the works that were reflected or influenced by, offering at that time a collection of his most important works of art.

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