Lina Abusamha, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition, became a story writer at the hands of her child, Mariana, after she was unable to find a story worthy of her small feelings, eager to read a story full of words of hope, images of joy and color of spirit, in return for finding dozens. The stories available, which speak about Mariana and her peers with contempt and ugliness, are stories that have harshly harmed the heart of the mother, who refused to extend her ugliness to injure the eyes and mind of her child. They created and have special needs. Emirates Today met with Abu Simha, on the sidelines of its participation in the work and sessions of the knowledge platform organized by the Community Development Authority in Dubai, within the activities of «Expo people of determination», which was held recently in Dubai. Abusamha says that her baby Mariana, born with cerebral palsy, focused on the health damage on the disruption of motor sense in the lower part of her body, but did not affect her mental abilities, she is a smart and distinctive girl, and has needs and humanity, like any other child.

Abu Samha, who lives in Jordan, from which she participated in the Expo and the Conspiracy Conference, told how she turned to writing stories. “When I started looking for my child for a story about children with the same problem, I couldn't imagine finding stories,” she said. “Marianna and others like her have different disabilities, with so much cruelty and ugliness that a child can not feel when browsing but is helpless and ugly.”

Abu Samha said that the reason for her search for a story that delighted her child came after a situation happened during the reading of a story for children to «Mariana» and her twin brother «Jaafar», who does not suffer from any kind of disabilities, which during the reading of the story for them, saw on the pages of a child Running, he said to his sister: «This is like me, I can also run, but you can not», Marianna responded: «No, I also know running, but I have a device to help me walk». This position was enough for her as a mother to start a journey that changed her life and that of her child, a position that pushed her to search for beautiful and encouraging stories that tell Mariana: “You can, and other children can, but differently.”

Abu Samha offered examples and examples of the language and prejudice that these stories convey about these children. She referred to one describing a child with Down syndrome. She says that he is a person with a small head, slanted eyes, a large tongue, a short tummy, and a weak mind. Mind and esophagus ». "My brother has something called autism. His movements look like worship, shaking his head back and forth, training him for jihad, and sleeping as a worship."

Another story is told by a father who says what a doctor told him and his wife about their child. “The doctor didn't say anything about the reasons, but he gave us a lesson on reproduction, pregnancy and genetics, he told us that our son would live in hibernation, and would remain a lifelong burden. "We will hope that he is dead." Abusamha believes that this is harmful to the feelings of any child, and that it can not be compatible with the world's awareness and urbanization in dealing with man. She went on to say that after seeing dozens of such stories, she was depressed, and she spent a while depressed and cried constantly, because she not only did not find a story worthy of these children, but found the exact opposite, which she called «stories that entrench and support discrimination and inferiority, rather than diligence In raising awareness of the community, and urged him to respect the abilities of these children, and integrate them into society ». However, Abu Samha, after several days, gathered her will and insisted on finding a solution, so she decided to write a story for herself.

The beginning was with the story «We will fly home», and says «Abu Samha»: «can not imagine the joy of Mariana story, and how she became a picture of the child playing while using a treadmill», and says: «This is me and this brother we play together».

Marianna, who held her mother's hand towards the world of beautiful stories about children with special needs, a smart and distinctive girl, now six years old, and is in the first grade of primary, and the results of her grades showed an average of 96% for the first period of the school year.

Special application for stories

Lina Abu Samha has written three stories about children, and is currently working on launching a special application for these stories, but she insists on working independently, and does not cooperate with a certain institution or entity, because she believes that any party has specific orientations will not suit what you aspire to serve These children, as she put it.

• Lina Abusamha decided to write herself a story for her child, initiated by a series of stories that respect the humanity of children without guilt.