Hitomi Soga, Rescue Action for Abductee Niigata November 29th 17:13

On September 29, North Korean abductee Hitomi Soga conducted a signing activity in Niigata City to appeal to all victims, including his mother, Miyoshi.

Hitomi Soga was kidnapped by North Korea with his mother, Miyoshi, on the way home from shopping in Sado City, Niigata Prefecture, 41 years ago.

Mr. Soga returned home after the 2002 Japan-North Korea summit meeting 17 years ago, but Miyoshi's whereabouts are still unknown.

On the 29th, a meeting was held in Niigata City where nurses and other people from the prefecture gathered, so Mr. Soga performed a signature activity, calling for “signing activities. All of the victims, including Megumi Yokota, appealed for rescue as soon as possible.

A student attending a nursing school said, “The abduction issue has been over 40 years old and I think how hard it is for families who are waiting to return home.

The abduction issue continues to be stuck and victims and families are aging more and more.